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Holiday Commercials that Capture the Spirit of the Season

With Christmas and Hanukkah on the way, the holiday commercials are rolling already. In 2019, brands have created many creative spots that capture the spirit of the season. This year’s debuts from Oreo, Microsoft, Apple and others are perfect for watching while sitting around the fire sipping hot cocoa.

2019’s Best Holiday Commercials


Xfinity’s new holiday advertisement features a return of E.T., everybody’s favorite extraterrestrial. After 37 years, E.T. returns to visit his friend, Elliott, for the holidays, only to realize that technology has completely changed everything since his last visit.


Although it’s early in the season, Oreo’s “First Christmas” spot is already being considered one of the best holiday commercials of 2019. This festive ad features an elf stopping into a modern convenience store to get a snack for Santa. When he forgets the milk, the store clerk reaches behind the counter and pours him a glass, capturing the spirit of the season.


Apple’s “The Surprise” is one of the holiday’s best because of its heartwarming and sentimental sensibility. It depicts a family of four traveling to visit their grandfather. On the long trip, the children bond over creating a touching tribute to a recently deceased relative.


This year’s Microsoft holiday ad features a young girl who communicates with Santa’s reindeer with the help of her mom’s Surface and Microsoft Translator. It shows how technology products can help bring the world closer together at the holidays.


Macy’s, which is known for its terrific holiday commercials, does not disappoint in 2019. The retailer’s “Santa Girl” spot is getting a lot of buzz, because of its depiction of evolving gender roles. This creative ad tells the story of a young girl who wants to be Santa Claus and how her parents make that wish come true.

Although there still will be many other festive advertisements in 2019, these are the early winners. As you tune in to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or “Frosty the Snowman” or “A Christmas Story,” watch the holiday commercials, too. Let us know if you see any that should be on our list.

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