5 Ways to Use Retargeting Ads for Quality Lead Generation

Any marketer who’s been in the game for a while knows that simply generating leads will not suffice. If you’re attracting leads who are never going to become customers, you’re wasting time and money. These retargeting (or remarketing) strategies will help bring quality leads into your business’ marketing funnel.

How to Boost Performance of Retargeting Ads

1. Audience Segmentation

Poor segmentation is the main cause of generating “junk leads,” or people who aren’t likely to ever buy your product or service. While it’s impossible to eliminate junk leads entirely, the fewer you generate, the better.

Most remarketing providers offer hyper-focused segmentation that allows you to target your ads at the right people. Some things to keep in mind while segmenting include:

  • Demographic information (especially for B2C campaigns)
  • Industry and job title (especially for B2B campaigns)
  • The stage of the buyer’s journey each visitor is in


2. Cross-Channel Optimization

Depending on the goal of your retargeting campaign, you may want to control which specific channels display your ads. Ask yourself these questions as you consider which mediums your ads should be shown on:

  • Should my ads be present on mobile apps?
  • Should my ads be displayed on all websites my visitors subsequently travel to, or just those with topics related to my business?
  • Are my ads responsive, ensuring proper display on any device?
  • Will a Facebook remarketing campaign help?

3. Adjust your Landing Pages

Underachieving remarketing campaigns may not be the result of bad advertisements, but weak landing pages.

It’s always a good idea to test and experiment with your landing pages regularly, even if you have one that performs better than the rest. A simple tweak, such as changing one word in the headline or adjusting the size of the font, could improve a landing page’s conversion rate.

4. Content-Centric Offers

When the goal of your retargeting campaign is lead generation, focus on providing your potential leads with something of value, instead of selling to them.

Content offers that educate your visitors on your products or services will help you gain the interest of quality leads who are truly interested in what you have to offer.


5. Consider Frequency Capping

An easy way to turn off any potential leads is to make them feel as if you’re chasing them across the internet like some sort of deranged cyber-stalker.

Think about it. If you see ads for a company 20 times in a day, you’d probably just get annoyed, and maybe even creeped out. A frequency cap will help prevent your brand from annoying your potential customer.

These retargeting techniques are proven ways to filter out junk leads and generate qualified ones. Once you’ve attracted some quality leads, it’s time to ease them along the buyer’s journey with lead nurturing practices.

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