The 5 Call-to-Action Buttons Every Website Must Have

Inbound marketing is all about lead generation. It starts with user-friendly web design and informative blogging, but ultimately it’s the call-to-action that really matters.

These buttons, which come in many shapes, sizes and types, have the ability to make or break a marketing campaign.

What is a Call-to-Action?

A CTA is a clickable button on a webpage that entices a reader with an incentive, such as a blog subscription or eBook. It is a common method used in inbound marketing to begin the conversion process. A call-to-action is usually an image or graphic with actionable text, such as “download now” or “sign up today.”

Boost Conversions with these CTAs


1)      Sidebar

Sidebar CTAS are lead generation buttons that are embedded in the right side of your blog template. They are often used to increase blog subscriptions.

It’s best to place this type of CTA at or near the top of a blog post.

2)      Secondary

A secondary CTA is a type of alternate conversion opportunity. It is usually featured less prominently on a webpage.

They are designed to engage and capture leads who may not find a primary call-to-action appealing enough to click on.

3)      Slide-in

A CTA is not always fixed in one spot on a page. Slide-in buttons, often located in the bottom right corner, move up and down the pages as a visitor scrolls through content.

Less intrusive than a pop-up, these buttons are designed to convert readers without preventing them from reading on.

4)      Social Media Buttons

Many websites now feature social media buttons to help them increase their social media following.

These are effective, because those who have already visited a website are much more likely to be interested in knowing about future content shared on networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

5)      Footer

A footer CTA is an excellent opportunity to generate qualified leads. Since this call-to-action is only seen by those who have made it to end of a page, they are likely to be more interested than other readers.

This is the perfect opportunity to present an offer, like a free trial, which is further along in the buyer’s journey.

Whether you choose to use a footer, a slide-in or other type of CTA, always let your target audience show you the way to a more profitable campaign.


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