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A Look Inside a Long Island Web Design Agency

As a Long Island web design company, we are very aware that it can be very overwhelming to design and develop a website. At Fat Guy Media, our main priority is to provide unparalleled support to our clients and provide them with a website that has an eye-catching design, user-friendly navigation, search engine optimization and responsive web design.

Long Island Web Design | Overview

At Fat Guy Media, we believe that communication is key. We are privileged to have created many long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are also aware of the competition within Long Island, which allows us to create strategic marketing plans to improve your company’s online presence and help it stand out. All of our websites are enabled for inbound marketing to increase traffic, leads and customers to any business. Of course, the entire web design process is very complex, but our Long Island web designer will provide you with a brief understanding of how the process works from inception to completion.

Long Island Web Designer Explains How the Process Works

The web design process is different for every client, based on how extensive they want their website to be. As a Long Island web design company, we have to continuously stay on top of the latest trends in all of the industries that we serve. Most of our clients do not have a web design background, so this process tends to be very foreign to them. We have learned that in order to navigate them through a great experience, we must have constant communication. In order to build a trusting relationship, we provide our clients with a project timeline at our initial kick-off meeting so that they can understand the entire web design process.

Discovery & Strategic Planning

Discovery Phase

We begin every project by meeting with the client at our initial kick-off meeting where we discuss their needs and expectations. Our main objective is to try and collect as much information as possible, such as their goals, target audience, industry competitors, strengths and weaknesses.

Strategic Planning

After our initial meeting, the web and marketing team will sit down and brainstorm ideas. We will begin extensively researching the client’s competitors, industry, trends and specific keywords that are frequently searched by the client’s target market (for SEO purposes). All of this information allows us to begin creating a hierarchical outline, known as a sitemap, which is a visual outline of the website content and how it will be organized.

Content & Wireframe Development

Content Development

Once the client approves the sitemap, we try to collect any content that they already have and/or research content that they would like us to develop. As a Long Island web design company, we find that the content development phase is often overlooked, but actually one of the most important parts of the web design process.  During this time, we make sure that any of the content that goes onto the website clearly communicates the company or brand message.


During this part of the development phase, we provide our clients with several variations of wireframes. Wireframes are a gray scale representation of what the layout of the website will look like, which gives the client with a better understanding of how visitors would navigate the site. This is a way to organize the content and structure of pages before adding graphics and other design elements.

Website Development & Design

The appearance and functionalities of a website largely depends on its design. Once we finish the site, we present it to the client and review every detail with them. At this point, we wait for feedback and make any necessary changes until we get their final approval. Here are some of the key design elements that we emphasize with all of our projects:

Key Design Elements

  • Clean, simple lay-out: eye-catching, high resolution imagery
  • User-friendly navigation: well-organized, prominent search bar
  • Responsive design: functions seamlessly on all mobile devices
  • Call-to-action: encourage visitor to customer conversion
  • Search engine optimized: keywords that boost search ranking
  • Inbound marketing enabled: social media, landing pages, blogging

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once the web design has been finalized and everything has been proofread, we begin implementing SEO best practices. This will help to properly position the website by using specific, target-based keywords, meta-descriptions and internal links. As a Long Island web design company, we have optimized websites of all sizes and industries. We pride our company on the proven results that show an increase in our clients’ website presence and traffic.

Go Live!

Once the site is ready to go live, we make sure that the client gets an informative training session, in case they plan on making any updates or edits from the back end of the site. Then comes the exciting part, when we officially launch the brand new website!

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