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Real Estate Marketing Tips for Attracting Buyers and Sellers

The days of a real estate company only placing ads in the local paper have come and gone. If your properties are stagnating on the market, your company’s outdated marketing may be to blame. Our real estate marketing tips show the power of investing in responsive web design, search engine optimization and social media.

Digital Real Estate Marketing Tips Help Your Company Beat the Competition

As the younger generation searches for real estate, it’s time to develop a long term strategy. By investing in digital marketing, your company can reach a growing customer base at a faster pace. Today, real estate websites attract customers with features like searchable databases, galleries of pictures and informative blogs. If your business has yet to adapt to the changing digital landscape, you can catch up to the competition by following our real estate marketing tips.

Upgrade Your Website to Gain Credibility on the Web

In 2015, it matters more than ever how your business appears to customers online. Since 90 percent of people use the Internet during their home search, the power of the web in real estate shouldn’t be ignored. Today, buyers’ and sellers’ first look at a real estate agency is more often than not on the Internet. As in life, first impressions online are critical to success. Businesses that have a sleek, modern website can earn a measure of credibility with customers. To prevent losing impatient customers, recent real estate marketing tips suggest that a company’s website should also be user friendly and easy to navigate.

Gain a Mobile Audience with Responsive Web Design

Just being on the Internet is not enough for real estate companies today. Without responsive web design, your website is incompatible with mobile devices, which could cost your company customers. In the hit-or-miss world of real estate, companies need every lead they can find. A recent study found that about half of real estate website clicks came from mobile phones. By including a responsive web design, you can attract a growing audience of mobile users who search for properties on-the-go.

Increase Exposure through Social Media Conversations

Social media accounts are beginning to become a necessity for any business, including those in the real estate industry. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can share updates from your website that customers might not know about otherwise. Instagram and Pinterest have become popular of late with real estate companies, because they concentrate on photography. By adding social sharing buttons to your website, there is a better chance for return visitors who could develop into leads for your business.

Get Discovered in Search Engines with an SEO Strategy

In real estate where customers can be fickle, it pays to reach the widest audience possible. With search engine optimization, your company can gain prime real estate in search engines. If your company is seen online by someone already searching for a related topic, there is more of an opportunity for a sales conversion.

Attract New Customers with Fresh, Quality Content

Constantly updating new content in the form of blogs is a way to remain at or near the top of search engines. While looking for properties, real estate customers seek to be educated as well. Your company can attract new customers by educating them with informative blogs. Once these customers are on your site, they are likely to stick around to browse. You can also create a neighborhood guide, but remember good content is meant to help a customer not sell them.

Reach Out to Prospects with Email Marketing

Because you never know where your next sale will come from, it’s important to include all aspects of digital marketing. Modern email marketing helps companies inform their contacts. With a high return on investment and low cost, email marketing is a must-have when promoting your real estate company. Request Consultation

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