Mobilegeddon: Are You Mobile Ready?

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For those of you pouring through Mobilegeddon posts, readying your checklists and wondering if and when your website will suddenly implode because of a sudden, unavoidable, mobile-apocalypse, pro tip; stop worrying. Chances are you’ve probably done your due diligence, and now it’s just a matter of finding a way to make your website responsive. If you haven’t made the necessary preparations well… feel free to panic. While your site might not disappear into oblivion, it will probably be headed for the deep abyss that exists beyond the first page of Google search with relative speed, effectively mutilating your business online just because your website wasn’t mobile ready.

Get Mobile Ready Like a Doomsday Prepper

The first thing you should do, before you start prepping, is to figure out if your website is responsive or not. If you designed it yourself (or had some other non-professional configure it) then you will likely need a responsive redesign. To check, go use Google’s mobile ready test tool. Just enter your website’s URL, click analyze and pray. It’s Mobilegeddon so explosions, satanic smartphones hell-bent on destruction and a few rogue tablets are not out of the question (maybe I’m just having Ultron flashbacks?). Assuming your website didn’t pass inspection (those of you who passed can continue onto the next article), you’ll need to start doomsday prepping (and fast). Why? Mobilegeddon occurred almost two weeks ago which means your not mobile ready website has been dying slowly, sliding out of the world of mobile relevancy and into that abyss we mentioned earlier. At this point, you might even prefer explosions. Just some notice that your website has begun to fade would be sufficient, anything, but luckily you stumbled across this article (or some other material that informed you that some mobile cataclysm was upon you). Getting ready for doomsday, albeit a little bit late, is better than not doing it at all. Your website needs to be mobile ready if you plan on achieving any kind of success online. Use Google’s responsive web design analysis tool, take that analysis into consideration and begin your search engine optimization preparation. 6 Ways to Tell Your Website is Outdated free download

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