Marketing and Sales Alignment

Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing and Sales Alignment


Having your marketing and sales aligned properly can help drive your company to success. While this process might not be an overnight fix, it is definitely the start to getting all of your teams on the same track. We have compiled a few tips that will drive your company to an effective marketing and sales alignment.

4 Marketing and Sales Alignment Tips

Marketing and Sales Alignment

1.      Establish guidelines for your lead generation qualification criteria

Establishing a lead generation criterion is a critical component for a successful marketing and sales alignment. Creating buyer personas is a great way in initially establishing what type of clients you are looking for. You can either make these personas based off of companies as a whole and look at their company size, revenue, industry, etc. or you can look at the client as an individual. Here you would pay attention to their background and personal position within their company.

2.      Weekly meetings

Every week you should be meeting with your team at least once to discuss progress on their projects and to make sure they are following the correct procedures and using all of the right resources. With every new salesman brought onto the team, they should be in a detailed meeting explaining exactly what they need to have done and the expectations you require them to meet. These meetings are good check-ins.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

3.      Coordinate your content marketing campaigns with sales

New promotions and content are always being pushed out by marketers, so it’s important to keep your sales team up to date on your current offerings. A few ways you can keep everyone on the same page is to utilize a shared calendar or to constantly email with all updates.

4.      Facilitate training if need

Providing employees with a little assistance and extra training can go a long way in them successfully aligning sales and marketing. This will give them the chance to ask any and all questions they may have. It will also allow them to become experts in their field.

Neither sales nor the marketing team has preponderance over the other. Both need to work in unison in order achieve success for the company as a whole. Following these three tips will help your business achieve the marketing and sales alignment that you need.

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