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The Future of Blogging is So Bright You’d Better Wear Shades

Blogging is very chichi right now. WordPress alone publishes nearly 100 million new posts every month. More and more, brands both big and small are catching on to this trend, making the future of blogging appear brighter than it ever has been.

Why Blogging is a Hot Digital Marketing Service

As part of a digital marketing package, blogging is a popular choice, because it is a core element of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Business owners everywhere are betting on the future of blogging, because it is a consistently effective method for attracting potential customers.

Improves a Website’s Search Position

Every company who has ever launched a website has dreamt about being on the first page of Google. Unfortunately, nobody is guaranteed the top search position for any keyword. You have to work for it.

Content marketing strategies, which include blogs that consistently publish fresh, informative content, can help to bolster your search position.

In making its rankings, Google now prioritizes high-quality content that meets these three requirements:

  1. Expertise
  2. Authority
  3. Trustworthiness

Blogs that have all three are often the ones typically found on page one of Google.

A graphic that shows the future of blogging.

A Good Source of Organic Traffic

One of the reasons search position is so important to a company is that it can provide a steady stream of high-volume organic traffic.

For example, blog posts with SEO keywords that rank highly on search engine results pages tend to attract new readers day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month. Each blog published is another opportunity to attract more potential customers.

With more organic search traffic to your site, you can then convert more prospects through the calls-to-action located on your posts.

Demonstrates Knowledge and Authority

Blogging today is also an avenue for demonstrating that your company is an industry leader. Many businesses now use this platform to demonstrate knowledge, experience and authority.

For example, an accounting firm could publish a blog that offers free tax tips. Through posts about topics like tax deductions, readers can quickly get the sense that the accounting firm is a trusted resource worth considering.

The Future of Blogging is Now

Only invented in 1994, blogging is coming of age now in the 2020s. Once used mainly by individuals, businesses around the world are publishing insightful blogs every day. It has quickly become a go-to tactic to reach targeted audiences.

With online readership increasing, there is no end in sight for this digital marketing trend. The future of blogging is so bright you’d better wear shades.

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