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Search Engine Optimization for Insurance Companies

People are constantly searching on the internet. So, it is ideal that your company gets picked up on the first few pages. It’s not just about the search engines, it’s about the people. The people are just as important, if not more important, than search engines. Search engine optimization for insurance companies can be easily demonstrated by long tail keywords. No matter what the content, your keywords should be prominent to both searchers and search engines. A searcher is a person looking to learn about an issue, navigate through a website and accomplish their set goal. However, you want to get to know your searcher first. Create buyer personas for your types of customers. This will help you create long tail keywords based off of what your buyer personas might be typing into search engines. Search engines are designed to crawl through content and find the keywords searchers look for. The right content ranks websites higher on the search pages. In order for those search engines to rank your company higher, you need to focus on searchers. We have some key information we found on HubSpot on what you need to know about the best practices of search engine optimization for insurance companies.

Best Practices of Search Engine Optimization for Insurance Companies

In order for search engines to rank your company’s online pages, your content needs to be remarkable. This means all your pages have to be relevant to your buyer personas in order for them to navigate to your website. In order to aid in search engine optimization for insurance companies, you need long tail keywords. I mentioned keywords before, but long tail keywords is your key to unlocking the magical world of search engine rankings. A long tail keyword for insurance companies would simply be, “insurance company.” To get picked up even more on search sites, a better long tail keyword would be, “insurance company Long Island.” Using long tail keywords will help you reach out to your buyer persona on every level. Next, you want your keywords to appear as often as possible without forcing them into your content. This approach is not only beneficial for website, but other online pages for your company. Use long tail keywords for blogs and social media posts. People are well known with Facebook, so if your Facebook profile pops up on a page, the person might click on it to find information. It is important to make any site or content easy to read and to navigate through. Utilize whitespace with bullets, short sentences, paragraphs and bold text. This way the content will be displayed clearly. Once the searcher navigates to your page, the idea is to keep them on. Color schemes, images and fonts should all be clear. If that searcher wants to continue further on that site, make sure other pages and steps are visibly available. Create a sense of ease for your searcher. Long tail keywords, content and navigation are essential for the best search engine optimization for insurance companies. Insurance companies have specific buyer personas and should appeal to those personas.

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