Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email Marketing for Lead Generation


You might think that email marketing is obsolete with social media taking over, but it’s not! People still use email on a regular basis, so why would you not take advantage of that when marketing your company? According to HubSpot Academy, 3.2 billion email accounts are currently active around the world. Are you still thinking that email marketing doesn’t work anymore? I didn’t think so. Email marketing for lead generation (and any other generation for that matter) is essential to add to your other marketing strategies. The best thing about email marketing is it coincides with every stage of the inbound methodology. For those of you who don’t know what inbound methodology is (or haven’t read our previous blogs), it is the transitional stages of when a stranger to your company converts into a visitor, to a lead, then a customer and finally into a promoter. Today, we are going to discuss email marketing for lead generation. The lead generation occurs after a visitor becomes familiar with your company and shows interest. When using email marketing, you want to convert the visitors into leads with a clear and enticing email.

The Basics of Email Marketing for Lead Generation

HubSpot Academy says it is vital to gain trust from your lead in your emails. Your overall goal is to turn leads into a promoter. They are not going to promote you if they don’t trust you. With email marketing, leads can promote before they become partners by forwarding messages to other potential leads. So, once you’ve gained your leads trust and they show interest, suggest forwarding to someone else who might be interested in your email. When writing out an email it is important to keep in mind the best practices of email marketing for lead generation. HubSpot suggests writing an eye-catching subject line. Focus on an incentive and get to the point. Make the email sound urgent, so your reader is more likely to open it. Always grasp the attention of the reader. Once the lead has opened your email make sure the content is clear and concise. Your company’s logo should be placed in the top left corner of the email, that way the reader will see it immediately. Keep the size of the email small and make it responsive so it is easy to read on both a computer and mobile. Don’t forget to add a call to action (CTA) in the email. However, it has to be visible in the top half of the email. Your CTA should be prominent. It should also be addressed more than once within the email. Once the reader has clicked on the CTA, the landing page should be similar to the email. Make sure the content coincides with the email to hinder any confusion. Now your email is ready to send, but wait! Run a test with another employee. If the employee can tell what the CTA is and finds the email easy to read and intriguing, then you are ready to hit send. Email marketing for lead generation is definitely not outdated, so utilize it whenever you can. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-516-535-5353 or email us at

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