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SEO Marketing Ideas to Consider in the Age of Coronavirus

Your employees may not be in the office right now, but that doesn’t mean that your marketing needs to be put on pause. We have compiled a list of the best SEO marketing ideas that can be done right from your home. It’s important to continue your SEO, because what you do now can positively affect your company months from now.

SEO Marketing

4 SEO Marketing Ideas

1. Make sure your Business can be Found Online

People are online now more than ever, looking things up and scrolling through social media. Things online are being consumed more than usual now, so it’s important that your audience can find you online easily. Ensuring that your site is properly optimized will draw in an audience. It’s helpful to be one of Google’s top-ranking pages to ensure you attract the biggest audience to your company.

2. Be Ready to Bounce Back

With everyone self-quarantining and taking precautions to stay healthy, the coronavirus outbreak should fade and normalcy should return soon enough. SEO marketing is a long-term solution. Stopping it during the quarantine is the exact opposite of what you should do. The measures you take now to advance your organic search traffic will have positive effects for you in the months to come, once everything has returned to normal. Continuing to blog or post on social media will be beneficial for your company to bounce back.

SEO Marketing

3. Local SEO is Relevant

Travel bans have been put in place all over the United States. Travel, in general, has decreased and during the infrequent times people are leaving their homes; they aren’t venturing far. This means that having the ability to be found locally online is critical.  You want to be found in any “near me” searches because people are putting an emphasis on convenience, so when they need something, you want them to turn to you first.

4. Be Flexible

Things are constantly changing and updating, prepare yourself to align the information you are putting out as quickly as it’s changing. Updating SEO marketing, social posts, adding new blogs, anything to keep yourself relevant is important to staying afloat during these times.

Your SEO is more important now than ever and is the perfect way to connect with your audience and continue to stay relevant. Don’t be too salesy or pushy, but reaching out to your customers so they don’t forget about you will help you once COVID-19 fades.

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