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Rethinking Health Care Marketing to Adapt to Changing Times

From the nightly news broadcasts to New Yorkers applauding hospital workers from their windows, the health care industry has been suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Considering everything that’s going on in the country right now, the time is right to reconsider your health care marketing strategy. With a few simple tweaks, you might be able to see a substantial boost in your return on investment.

Helpful Health Care Marketing Tips

Be more Active on Social Media

As Long Islanders respect shelter in place orders, many of them are now spending more time on social media than ever before. Right now, your health care organization is more likely to get the attention of your target audience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram than under normal circumstances.

Social media has proved itself as an essential communications channel in times of crisis. Hospitals, health care centers and other organizations in the industry have been regularly using it to do everything from educating the public to posting quick updates.

As you build out your health care marketing strategy, focus on the basics of social media marketing but also consider adding these elements:

  • Share Short Videos
  • Create Informative Infographics
  • Feature Members of your Team

Send Targeted Email Updates

As the coronavirus situation changes day-by-day, email newsletters are one of the more effective tools for health care marketing communication.

With content management systems, like HubSpot, your organization can send targeted email marketing messages that reach the right person at the right time. You can use features, like lists and personalization tokens, in your campaigns to help increase your open and click-through rate.

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Start a Blog

If your organization isn’t already blogging, it might be time to hop on the bandwagon. By adding a blogging feed to your website, you can add important updates and more in-depth articles to your website quickly and easily.

A professional blog shows all who see it that your organization is a knowledgeable, trusted source of information. If you choose to use SEO, your posts will also help to improve your site’s overall search ranking position.

Leverage your Leaders’ Networks

Many companies and organizations today focus on building up a digital presence, yet never think to leverage the networks of their leaders.

Very often, health care leaders have large networks of contacts at their disposal. Whether it’s utilizing a personal LinkedIn account or inviting Facebook friends to Like a Page, involving your leaders in your health care marketing campaigns is a always smart strategy.

With everyone relying heavily on digital media to stay informed, it’s important for any health care organization to consider how you are communicating with your target audience right now and how you could make it even more effective.

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