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Crafting Instagram Bios that Attract Audiences

Instagram bios are important because regardless of if someone is following your account or not, they can view them. The difficult aspect about them, though, is that they have limited space for you to write something in order to capture your audience’s attention. This makes it that much more important for the information you put there to be interesting and portray your company correctly.

Creating Catchy Instagram Bios

There are a few things you must include for your audience. Those aspects consist of:

  • What your business does
  • Where a customer can find you

A few pieces that only the best Instagram bios will include are:

Anybody can write a few bullets points that highlight who they are and where they’re located. However, only great Instagram bios will be crafted so the brand’s personality shines through and gets the audience to click their call-to-action.

Instagram BIo

Parts of an Instagram Bio

An Instagram bio is not just a few words. It tells your customers exactly who you are and what you’re about. The different parts of the bio need to be handled in different ways so everything is utilized.

1.      Profile Picture

A photo that is relevant to your company is important. Whether you decide to go with a logo, product photo or something else relevant, it should be attractive both by itself and when shown against your feed.

2.      Username and Name

Your username and name are two different things. The username is what others will see when you’re tagged in a post. Your name is important because it is in the most prominent spot on your bio in bolded letters. They are the only things on your bio that can be searched for through the app, so it’s important to choose them wisely.

3.      Bio

Here you have 150 characters to make a statement that will catch the attention of your audience. It’s important to sum up who your company is and influence the readers to take action. Your call-to-action button could be your website or phone number. This is the only place where you can link something.

Instagram BIo

Adding things such as hashtags relevant to your company, your other accounts, website or emojis are great ways to put some of your company’s personality into your bio. You can experiment with your Instagram bio, and always change it if you decide it no longer coincides with who you are as a brand.

If you decide that handling your own Instagram is a lot to take on, contact Fat Guy Media. We’re experts!

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