Social Media Week

Why Social Media Week Can Help Turn Around your Social Campaign

Social media is an important aspect of a business’ marketing, because it helps to validate your company. A successful social media presence will allow your target audience to know that your brand is active and focused on creating lasting relationships. The Social Media Week conference happens one week a year and can give your company a greater understanding of how to advance your marketing strategy.

Social Media Week

What is Social Media Week?

Social media week is an informative conference that happens one week a year for professionals in media, marketing and technology. The goal of the week is to provide these professionals with the insights, ideas and opportunities needed in order to advance themselves and their organizations in a world that is globally connected.

During this week, you can meet more than 75,000 attendees, in more than 25 cities globally, with over 10,000 speakers. Social media week has a global reach of 600 million.  Every year the conference has the newest updates, trends and insights that provide valuable information for those working in the social media realm.

While the conference is only a week long, their website has insightful information posted daily.

Social Media Week

Three Ways to Help your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Week gives social media professionals valuable information on how to advance their marketing efforts and strategies. Three ways you can advance your marketing strategy would be too:

1.      Know your Brands Purpose

Having a clear mission, vision and the values of your business locked down are important to understanding what your brand should do and say on social media. It allows you to post with purpose and effectively reach your goals.

2.      Find your Voice, Tone and Point of View

Have a clear understanding of how you want your tone to come off to your audience. Your audience expects your brand to be authentic. They want to feel as though they are associating with a person, and be in a two-way conversation.

3.      Post at least Once a Day

This may be self-explanatory but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Making sure you have good content every single day can be a difficult task, but can also allow you to reap big rewards. Being on a more regular schedule for posting will also give you better insight to your analytics and allow you determine which content is resonating with your audience the most.

Your social media presence can make or break your business. That is why it is so important to have a clear understanding of the best practices and know how to be authentic with your audience.

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