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How a Content Marketing Agency Outperforms Traditional Ad Options

These days, everybody’s talking about the benefits of digital marketing. It’s winning over companies big and small across the U.S.A., because a content marketing agency can outperform traditional advertising any day of the week.

Content Marketing: A Solution to your Advertising Problem

A content marketing agency uses several different tools to help you meet your goals, including:

Digital Strategies Drive Stronger Results

Content marketing strategies, like social media posting and others, typically provide stronger results than traditional advertising for many reasons, including:

  • It is focused on attracting customers who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Marketing messages are sent to targeted audiences.
  • Content provides more value to potential customers.
  • Digital analytics platforms make results more measurable.
  • Content marketing provides a more interactive user experience.
  • It is usually more cost-effective to use than traditional advertising options.

A content marketing agency provides results

Based on Attracting Consumers, Not Interrupting Them

Content marketing agencies are masters in the art of communication. They follow the inbound marketing principles, which flip the books on traditional advertising to focus on attracting a target audience, which has a greater likelihood of making a purchase.

More Targeted Promotion

Content marketing drives stronger results than traditional advertising, because it leverages digital tools to reach a smaller, more targeted demographic. This target audience, who is already interested in your type of products or services, is more likely to become a new prospect or lead.

Provides More Value to Potential Customers

Another reason a content marketing agency can be so effective is that it helps brands provide more value to potential customers. Digital tactics, like blogs and e-books, can educate members of a target audience in ways a print ad never could. With these soft-sell inbound strategies, organizations are better able to build customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Easier to Measure Results

One of the major downfalls of traditional advertising is that it is difficult to measure results. By contrast, digital marketing results are easily measurable. Google, HubSpot and other platforms provide easy access to metrics, which can give precise information on everything from page views to form submissions.

A More Interactive Audience Experience

Simply put, digital marketing provides a richer experience to your potential customers than traditional advertising ever could. A content marketing agency will create two-way conversations to build stronger customer relationships. Digital content options, like Facebook or Twitter posts, are frequently used to start these conversations that help to create brand awareness and ultimately attract new business.

A content marketing agency is a better option than a traditional ad agency.

A Content Marketing Agency Will Boost Your ROI

A content marketing agency is a smart choice today, because it provides all of these benefits, AND it is more cost-effective than traditional alternatives. If you would like to refresh your advertising strategy, contact Fat Guy Media today for more information.

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