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What is Twitter and its Terminology All About?

What is Twitter and How Do I use It?

We’ve all heard about it one way or another.  Tweeting, Re-tweets, Hashtags, and @ signs, are just some of the ways people use Twitter.  But what is Twitter all about?  To put it more simply, twitter is a free social media platform and micro-blogging service through which people share information.  It’s users share content by sending and receiving text based messages, known as tweets.  Simple enough right?  Here’s the catch.

The character limitations of Twitter

The catch is, you can only state what you want to in just 140 characters or less.  To some, this might be viewed as a limitation, but this is the beauty of Twitter.  It’s because of this character limitation that an entire culture has been created and developed.  It has created a fast paced world of timely shared information.  Those unfamiliar to twitter perceive this stream of tweets as incomprehensible babel, but twitter is a very valuable and relevant tool for finding out current information in a timely fashion.  This article will hopefully clear up a few misconceptions and ultimately answer the question, “what is twitter?”

Useful Terminology of Twitter

Twitter has spawned a culture, and within each and every culture, is a language.  The limitations on each tweet you put out, have created specific ways in which people use twitter.  Here are some of the more popular Twitter Terminology, what it stands for, and how it is used.

Tweet Away!

Last but not least, a tweet, if you already didn’t know, is your way of spreading your knowledge across the twitter universe.  Feel free to tweet at your heart’s desire, no tweet is to broad, or specific for the twitter universe.  Make sure to classify it with a hash-tag and keep it interesting!   – Fat Guy Media Team

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