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What is Facebook EdgeRank and How It Affects Your Fan Page

So Have You Heard of Facebook EdgeRank?

Every time you log into Facebook you a greeted with a flood of photos, videos, and posts. Your newsfeed is constantly updated with status updates from all of your friends and family. The downside to this if you’re a business, is that a large number of people who like your business page, don’t return to it ever again after liking it. The challenge for you as a brand page manager is to overcome this obstacle and find a way to reach your customer. The best way you can do this, is by getting in their newsfeed. This is how Facebook EdgeRank comes into play. By understanding how it works, you can devise a social media marketing plan that will get you to show up in other people’s News Feeds, and stay there. A quick definition of EdgeRank is warranted. Basically, it is a mathematical algorithm that is used to determine where and what posts appear on each individual’s newsfeed. There are three factors that go into it, Affinity, Weight, and Time decay.

Factors Which Affect Your Facebook EdgeRank

Affinity is the relationship between the viewer and the person creating this story. The closer the relationship they have, the more interaction there is between them, the more frequently your stories will show up in their newsfeed. An important thing to note is that affinity is a one way street, so by interacting on your consumers pages doesn’t directly help you get in their newsfeed. It keeps you relevant, but what you really need is for them to come to yours instead. As a general rule, affinity is the reason why your cousin’s photos of her newborn baby show up more than pictures of that college friend you dated ten years ago. Weight is the second factor in this algorithm. Facebook encourages interaction. It is because of this that Photo’s, Links, and Statuses increase your weight. Photos and Videos have the most weight, followed by links, and then Statuses. Additionally, engagement with a particular post will increase the weight of the post. So a photo doesn’t always have more weight than a status update. If more people interact with the status update than with the photo, the status will have more weight. The key is to provide content that will engage users. The final factor is time decay. This factor is simple. If your posts are old, they will show up in newsfeeds a lot less than something that was just posted. Keep your posts updated. By providing relevant content in a timely matter you can keep your EdgeRank up.

Facts And Tips About Facebook EdgeRank

So why is EdgeRank important to you as a business? The fact of the matter is, 96% of your fans will not revisit your brand page after first liking it. Your posts actually have a 40% to 150% more chance of reaching your fans in their newsfeed than on your page. Additionally, 27% of the time people spend on Facebook, is time spent looking over the news feed. Here are a few tips to increase your EdgeRank. Keep your posts short and sweet. Posts that shorter tend to get more likes. Use photos and videos to keep users engaged visually. Ask people for their opinion on recent or relevant topics. Finally, provide relevant quality posts that relate to your company. If you own a restaurant try posting recipes and health related posts, not religious quotes. We hope this article helped clear up many of your questions about EdgeRank. Next time you develop a social media strategy, keep this algorithm in mind. You might get better results. Follow our tips and you will be sure to pick up more engagement from your fans. – Fat Guy Media Team

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