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Long Island Video Production Teams: A Marketing Essential

If you own or work for a small business, it’s important that you market your brand and products as a way to attract leads and boost sales. Typically, small businesses have been using social media and email marketing to get their message across. However, many people aren’t aware of the incredible value that a Long Island video production team can bring to the table.

The Benefits of a Long Island Video Production Team

The Unique Effect of Video

One of the biggest advantages that video marketing has over text-based marketing is that it’s way more memorable. Because video is visual and auditory, viewers do not have to strain too much to retain information and images.

According to a study done by Hubspot, over 80% of their customers have a strong memory from a video that they watched in the past month. The goal of any type of marketing, let alone video marketing, is to have your message or content stick with your target audience.

When people can remember your brand, they are more likely to turn to your business when looking for services or products in your field.

Long Island video production

People Share Videos

For the most part, videos on streaming sites and social media platforms are more likely to elicit a greater number of shares and retweets than regular text-based ads.

People tend to become emotionally attached to videos and are more likely to share them with their unique followers, who will then share it with their followers, creating a cycle.

If your brand is looking to present their content in front of the widest audience possible, then you might need to enlist the services of a Long Island video production team. They will help you design and produce viral video content that people are going to react and respond to. That is the goal after all, right?

Long Island video production


Luckily, in terms of compatibility, videos are one of the most flexible mediums of content because they perform so well on many different devices, including desktop computers and smartphones

By making sure your content can be viewed on any device, it will reach a larger audience. For instance, when businesses produce content that can’t be viewed on a mobile phone, you lose the opportunity to reach as many people as possible.

Long Island video production

If you’re looking to start producing some video content, look to seek out a Long Island video production team to help you out along the way.
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