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4 Essential Mobile Web Design Benefits for Digital Marketers

These days, users are exploring the internet in new and exciting ways. Recently, people have begun to access the internet on-the-go, namely with cell phones, tablets and watches. Therefore, it’s important that your company embraces complete mobile web design.

The Irrefutable Advantages of Mobile Web Design

1.      Responsiveness

Mobile web design is an important aspect of responsive web design, the ability for a website to adapt to the size of a visitor’s screen. Basically, the goal is for all visitors to be able to access your website, no matter their device. After all, the more traffic, the better.

Not to mention, responsive, mobile web design can also improve your search engine optimization efforts. In fact, Google’s algorithm has begun to use responsiveness to determine a site’s placement on search engine results pages. When done correctly, these changes will help to ensure your site is seen by as many people as possible.

Mobile Web Design

2.      User Experience

When websites aren’t optimized for mobile, there are many issues that can arise, especially page speed and load time.

In marketing, you only have a limited amount of time to capture a user’s attention. Visitors tend to abandon slow sites altogether, while fast sites are far more likely to retain them.

Furthermore, website that aren’t suited for mobile may appear distorted. For instance, text may be jumbled, images may not align and content may be in the wrong places.

All in all, this is the opposite of a seamless user experience. Mobile web design will improve the overall quality of your site.

Mobile Web Design

3.      Time and Money

Instead of simply optimizing for mobile, some brands create two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile. However, in terms of maintenance and costs, this isn’t always the greatest idea. Although mobile web design is expensive at first, the long-term costs of maintaining two separate websites isn’t worth it.

In addition to lower costs, mobile design also frees up extra time that can be used elsewhere. Instead of operating two websites, you can rest easy knowing that your site can be viewed on all possible devices, with no extra effort required from you.

Mobile Web Design

4.      Analytics Reporting

One of the main responsibilities for digital marketers is to know how users interact with your site and where traffic is coming from. This allows them to optimize future campaigns for the top results.

However, when managing multiple versions of a site, you will have many different conversion paths, funnels and redirects. This makes analytics reporting slightly difficult. Conversely, a site that’s mobile-friendly will help marketers access these analytics all in one place, simplifying the process entirely.

In this day and age of digital marketing, mobile web design is as important as ever. Therefore, if you’re looking to succeed, that’s the way to go.

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