How the Best Responsive Websites Convert Leads into Sales

Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event set Twitter and Facebook alight for a full 24 hours thanks in part to the official announcement of the much-anticipated Apple Watch. It is the latest in a series of groundbreaking products (the iPhone, the iPad, and now the Apple Watch) that are working to reduce our reliance on the traditional desktop for web browsing, email and more. While consumers undoubtedly are enticed by the additional freedom, it has become a bit of a headache for companies trying to engage mobile users via their website. To effectively engage those users you need to follow the pre-existing design fundamentals that have made the best responsive websites truly great, namely; a responsive theme, beautiful content and clear, achievable goals.

3 Things the Best Responsive Websites Do Well

1.       A Responsive Web Design Theme

If you decide to use WordPress as your CMS you’ll be pleased to know that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of themes for you to choose from because WordPress is open source. That means anyone with access to WordPress can design and upload a theme, regardless of their expertise. So, while the plethora of themes may seem like a blessing, it can be a curse if you choose the wrong one. The best responsive websites are made with battle-tested responsive WordPress themes. To make sure your theme works, we recommend that you experiment with a few different layouts before you begin the web design process.

2.       Clear, Well-Defined Goals

After you decide on a theme, you’ll want to start thinking about what you want your website to do and what you would like each page to achieve. You can arrive at these goals by breaking down your buyer personas, identifying what those personas may be looking for and then structuring your website accordingly. It’s all about attracting your target audience. The best responsive websites are action-oriented and provide a clear path through the buyers’ journey (through calls-to-action, for visitors and potential customers.

3.       Beautiful, Well-Written Content

None of the best responsive websites would be complete  effective content. To write engaging website content or start a business blog you need to understand the following information:

  • Any problems your buyer personas are facing (and provide them with a solution)
  • Keywords that your personas may be searching for
  • Ways to make content easily-digestible

More customers are accessing the web from their mobile devices than ever before making a responsive website an essential asset for any small business looking to compete. With that responsive web design theme in hand, as well as clear goals and action-oriented content, your website will be able to compete with the best responsive websites on the market. You may even put away a competitor or two. Best of luck!

10 Step checklist for your next website design

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