what is a domain

What is a Domain Name, and Why Does My Business Need One?

Everyone knows the Internet is a great resource for businesses. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our answers to basic questions like “what is a domain name” and “why does my business need one” will help you decide whether it’s time to build an Internet presence.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name, or web address, is much like the street address of a business. A web domain denotes a permanent spot on the Internet where a website can be found at any time.

What is a domain name example? www.fatguymedia.com.

A unique, memorable web address helps potential customers find and return to your page with ease.

However, domains and websites are not synonymous. A domain is just the location of a website. Registering a domain does not simply create a website. A website is all the text, images and pages you see after a site is built with web design services.

A domain name includes top-level and second-level domains. Top-level domains, such as .com or .org, are located to the right of the dot. The second-level domain is the portion of the web address located to the left of the dot. The second-level domain is the name chosen by the website owner, typically the name of a business or individual.

Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap and 1&1 Internet offer web hosting services for a fee.

what is a domain

Why Does my Business Need a Domain Name?

Attract More Customers

Since nearly 90 percent of the United States population is online, it’s become a business necessity to have a website.

What is a domain mostly used for today? It’s an effective promotional tool. It can attract even more customers to your business when combined with digital marketing strategies, like SEO and blogging.

Viewable 24 Hours per Day

The Internet is also an effective tool for business promotion. Twenty-four hours a day potential customers are exposed to your content through search engines, social media posts, referrals and more.

Build Brand Credibility

If your business isn’t Google-able today, you are likely losing customers.

A website is a great platform for building brand credibility. On a homepage, businesses can display information about their products, services, staff or more. It can serve as a virtual online marketing brochure.

Why Owning a Domain is better than Renting One

Once you have chosen to purchase a web domain, you can carry that name with you to other web hosting services or web design companies. But, only if you are the actual owner of that web domain.

It’s important to confirm that you, not the web design company, are the owner of the newly created web domain.

All too often, businesses don’t have control of their domain name and don’t even realize it. Then, updating a website can become more difficult.

Choosing a web designer you can trust will avoid this problem entirely.

what is a domain

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