What is SSL

What is SSL, and Is it Necessary for your Ecommerce Site?

If you’re an ecommerce company, you should probably be familiar with SSL. What is SSL, you ask? Well, SSL, which stands for “secure sockets layer,” is the backbone of all internet security. It protects customers’ sensitive information as it travels across the web, ensuring that it always stays private and secure. Here are some primary reasons why it’s essential for your site.

Fat Guy Explains: What is SSL, and is it Worth it?


Believe it or not, when you submit a form online, it goes through several different computers before its final destination. Unfortunately, more stops along the way means a higher chance that information could be taken by a third-party. That’s where SSL comes into play.

SSL encrypts the data so that it can only be read by the user and the party it’s intended for. With an SSL certification, the original information is replaced by random characters that can only be read with a certain encryption key. Secure sites will contain “https” in the URL or a lock symbol in the location bar to relay a site’s security.

More often than not, people will check to ensure a site has this kind of security before making a purchase, so it’s a good idea for your site to have one.

What is SSL


In order to accept online payments, you must be in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI). PCI dictates that ecommerce sites must have an SSL certificate with the proper encryption strength.

They will ensure that you are a trusted source with a private connection for customers to enter their data. If you do not have this certification, you will not be able to accept credit card payments.


If you’ve been on the internet for long enough, you’ve probably experienced phishing in one way or the other. For the most part, phishing comes in the form of genuine-seeming emails that are sent to unsuspecting customers.

What is SSL

These emails often resemble advertisements or shipping confirmations. If a user clicks on one, it will usually bring them to a site that is designed to steal their information. Since it’s hard for these sites to receive an SSL certificate, they are easy to distinguish.

However, if your site is without the SSL icon, a user may navigate away, believing that you might be one of these sites that are trying to steal their data, even if you aren’t.


Despite the technical aspects, SSL creates trust between a customer and business. It secures data and provides easy ways to verify a site’s credibility. That’s why, for many ecommerce companies, the process of receiving a certification is always worth the effort.

What is SSL

It gives your online shoppers the peace of mind of knowing that their information will be safe as it travels across the web. All in all, it will ensure that they have a positive buying experience.

Using these professional insights and tips, you should now be able to determine what is SSL and if your business needs it.

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