Local Mobile Advertising Tips for Businesses

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Local Mobile Advertising Tips for Businesses

Your potential local customer base relies heavily on smartphones to guide their decisions. Google found 91 percent of surveyed smartphone owners use local search to learn business information such as locations, current promotions, contact information and hours. Your local mobile advertising campaign puts your ads in front of this engaged mobile demographic to help you grow your business.

Benefits of Local Mobile Advertising

Local mobile advertising reaches consumers when they’re thinking about making a purchase. If they’re trying to narrow down the best options for a product or service, your mobile advertisement helps influence their decision. You have access to a significant portion of the adult demographic in Long Island, as Pew Research reports 64 percent of adults own a smartphone.

Mobile ad features such as click-to-call and one-tap directions reduce friction in the consumer’s decision-making process. Many local businesses overlook mobile advertising strategies, so you can gain a competitive advantage in the Long Island area. Your ad landing pages should include mobile-friendly or optimized features that give consumers the information they need to make their decision. Your business location, hours and contact information should be among the first pieces of information visible on the landing page. If you’re advertising as a local retailer, an inventory search helps consumers confirm products are available and in-stock.

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Location-aware Mobile Advertising

Location-aware mobile advertising reaches smartphones with location services enabled. These messages are geotargeted to a specific region, such as Long Island, although you can narrow it down further. For example, you can focus on mobile phone owners within a one-mile radius of your business location. Your location-based advertising allows you to tailor messaging for local audience preferences, test promotions across certain areas and improve your local mobile advertising relevancy. You can even set your targeted locations near competitor locations as you’re likely to have audience overlap.
Local mobile advertising gives you a way to reach connected consumers while they’re on the go. When they’re ready to make a purchase decision, your ads give them the encouragement they need to reduce sales objections. Set yourself apart from the competition by leveraging location-aware local advertising.

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