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Why Business Blogs are an Effective Marketing Tool

Content marketing changes constantly. Cheesy trends such as clickbait headlines and the “pivot to video” have failed. The business blog, however, is a highly-accessible medium that will never die, perfect for both attracting a new audience and nurturing your existing ones into leads.

5 Reasons a Business Blog is Still Great

1. Drive More Website Traffic

Every new blog post you publish presents a new opportunity for someone to find your website online and learn more about your business.

Google and other search engines prioritize helpful websites on their results pages. By regularly publishing blogs, you’re signaling that your website is dedicated to providing a useful experience to searchers, because it’s being updated consistently. Higher search engine rankings lead to more website visitors.

2. Conversion Opportunities

While it’s nice to log into Google Analytics and see your website traffic increasing, it doesn’t necessarily translate into business success. What really matters is converting that website traffic into leads or customers, by encouraging visitors to fill out forms with their contact information.

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Business blogs are great for capitalizing on conversion opportunities by offering a supplementary piece of content, like a whitepaper or an eBook, within the blog. Use a call-to-action to link visitors to a landing page, where they will fill out a form, receive a valuable piece of content and become a lead.

3. Establish Trust

Imagine walking into a car dealership, interested in purchasing a new ride. Of course, you will have questions for the salesperson regarding gas mileage, durability, pricing and more. Who would you be more likely to buy from? A salesperson who deflects your questions, or one who answers them earnestly, without bias?

A business blog is similar. It allows you to anticipate questions potential customers have regarding issues that your products or services solve.

4. Fuel for other Mediums

Email and social media are excellent marketing platforms as well, but without something to actually promote, they’re absolutely useless. Blogs can be that something.

Including blogs in newsletters to email subscribers and sharing them with your social media followers gives them content to read and engage with.

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5. Receive Backlinks

Backlinks, or links to your website from other websites, are excellent for SEO. They’re sort of like a vote of confidence. In other words, they tell Google, “Hey, this site is credible” and Google ranks you higher as a result.

Just like blogs establish new opportunities for potential customers to find you, they also present new ways for other publishers to find you and link to you. Your SEO improves as a result.

Business blogs are a timeless way of marketing a company. Write blogs that educate your audience, argue your opinions, recap company events—anything people may be interested in. You will be pleased with the results.
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