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Why Targeted Advertising is the only type of Advertising we do

If the performance of your ad campaigns is weak, there’s probably a reason. You are not using targeted advertising, a proven way to cost-effectively reach your ideal customers. Find out why businesses of all sizes are saying goodbye to traditional advertising tactics.

What is Targeted Advertising?

Targeted ads are a common advertising technique, which collects web users’ online browsing behavior in order to display relevant advertisements to them. The ads can be shown on many different types of online platforms and devices, including search engines, social media and smart phones. These type of ads also aim to target a person who is already considering purchasing a product or service in hopes of enticing them back to complete the sale.

targeted advertising

How it Works

A targeted ad is typically based on an individual’s browsing history. A common example of targeted advertising is when a person views a product on a website and then sees an ad for the same or similar products when they visit Google.

For example, if you look online for a spot to grab a bite for lunch, you shouldn’t be surprised to see ads for local burger joints the next time you search for something in Google.

In targeted advertising, the ads you see are specifically tailored to your interests.

3 Reasons why Targeted Ads Hit the Mark

targeted advertising

1)      Directly Reach your Target Audience

Targeted ads are much more efficient than the newspaper advertisements of yore. Today, an online ad can reach a company’s target audience and nothing more.

By analyzing online behavior and demographic information, it filters out those unlikely to be interested in your products or services. Ultimately, the narrow group of people who do see the ad are those who are more likely to become customers.

2)      Build a Loyal Customer Base

Since targeted ads have the ability to filter your audience, it also makes it easier to build a loyal customer base. Once you have drawn the interest of an interested prospect, you can use your ad campaigns to attract them to come back to your website over and over.

Suddenly, one small pay-per-click ad could lead to a series of purchases.

3)      Boost Brand Awareness

It’s no secret that inbound marketing is an effective method for increasing brand recognition. Targeted ads are no exception.

By placing your company’s message in front of your target audience consistently, your company can become a more recognizable brand name. The next time a potential customer is ready to make a purchase they might just visit your website first.

By helping you reach exactly who you want to without breaking the bank, targeted ads can breathe new life into your ad campaigns.

targeted advertising

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