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Why you don’t want to Make your own Blog

You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of blogging. It may seem like a simple solution to your marketing problems. You might even think you can make your own blog. But, that would be fatal mistake.

4 Really Good Reasons not to Make your own Blog

1)      Blogging Requires a lot of Time and Resources

Business owners who are unfamiliar with digital marketing often don’t realize the amount of time and resources it takes to create and maintain a blog. Between brainstorming ideas and formatting for the internet, each post sucks time and energy away from the core focus of a business.

make your own blog

If you consider the billable hours that are spent writing a blog entry, it might be more worth your while to let someone else do the legwork.

2)      You Have to be Consistent to Get Results

The truth is that it’s easy to start a blog, but it isn’t easy to stick with a blog.

However, the real benefits of blogging are achieved over time. You won’t see a real boost in SEO if you just post a blog once or twice. You probably won’t get any new leads either.

In blogging, consistency is the name of the game.

make your own blog

3)      Google Values Quality Content

The algorithm Google uses is very sophisticated. It now has the ability to recognize quality content and prioritize those pages in its search engine. As a result, poorly written blogs have less chance of being read.

Unless you are a strong writer and have proofreaders at your disposal, a self-written blog is less likely to receive enough clicks to generate conversions.

make your own blog

4)      SEO is an Art Best Left to the Pros

With millions of blog posts published every day, you can’t just hit publish and expect your target audience to find your content. You need SEO.

Publishing relevant content on your website improves the user experience. SEO will also help your content climb organic search engine results pages and attract high quality leads.

Blogs are a very effective promotional tool when done the right way. While it may seem tempting to make your own blog, digital marketing typically works best when your business fully invests in the process.

make your own blog

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