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4 Effective Solutions for a Website Not Getting Traffic

A new website domain brings great business opportunity but also great challenges. Because there are nearly a billion live websites right now, it is difficult for any website to get noticed through the noise. As a result, a website not getting traffic is quite common. To help your website rise above the rest, study these four helpful website solutions.

Don’t be the website not getting traffic

Too many business own website domains that are either not performing or underperforming, because of a lack of an understanding of certain essential tricks of the trade. The result is a webpage lost in the abyss of oceans of Internet traffic.

 website not getting traffic

1.      Poor focus

Before creating content for your website, it’s critical to develop a winning strategy. It’s best to begin by brainstorming about which target audience your business plans to reach. A perfectly crafted target audience will guide the entire process from content creation to content promotion. A common mistake for a website not getting traffic is catering to a small, niche audience or targeting too broad a demographic.

2.      SEO problems

Your business’ web traffic is dependent upon Google and other search engine’s algorithms. However, a website can influence its ranking through search engine optimization (SEO). With an SEO strategy, website traffic will likely lag. Targeted search engine optimized keywords are necessary to drive traffic to your site. It’s important to research keywords to understand what is effective for your target audience. For a website not getting traffic, long-tail SEO keywords can boost search engine rankings.

3.      Blog issues

Since search engines constantly crawl the web for fresh content, it’s important to post new content on a regular basis. A popular, effective strategy is to incorporate blogs into your website. However, it’s best not to jump into blogging full-steam without knowing about a few key stumbling blocks. A website not getting traffic sometimes loses points by choosing the wrong content management system. Today, WordPress is the industry standard. When writing your blogs, always write keyword-focused blogs. Another stumbling block is that some companies haven’t yet realized Google is smart enough to recognize and reward quality content. Also, before posting your blogs, don’t forget to include both internal and external hyperlinks to boost traffic and ranking.

4.      Social problems

Once your website is live and blogs are posted, social promotion is the next natural step. Many websites make the mistake of not having social media accounts, not having social sharing buttons or not promoting their blogs on social media. Since Facebook, Twitter, and the like, are simple to use and free, social media is a must-have for improve upon a website not getting traffic.

Traffic takes time

Just like any meaningful endeavor, building a high-traffic website takes time and dedication. Since low traffic is common among new web pages, implementing these website solutions will put your business ahead of the curve. If you would like to learn how to improve a website that is not getting enough traffic or have any other digital marketing questions, call 516-535-5353 or email us at

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