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Why a YouTube Business Account is a Game-changer

Businesses today must be a social animal for their brand to be heard through the noise of the crowd online. Facebook is a good starting point, but social media success demands teamwork. For socially active brands, Fat Guy Media’s new go-to utility player is a YouTube business account full of shareable content.

Fat Guy shapes video campaigns

As part of a full social suite, Fat Guy Media’s social media marketing team has had experience harnessing the power of YouTube. Shooting and editing your business’ footage; customizing a channel to reach new audiences; and helping populate other social media properties with fresh, engaging videos. Part of a typical campaign could include analyzing video interactions and website visits. Organic and paid reach is also part of the process. The objective is to create the right content for the right audience at the right time.

9 big benefits of a YouTube business account

From its large audience to its shareable format, YouTube is clutch to any social media marketing strategy. Fat Guy Media’s list of 9 YouTube business account benefits proves why YouTube should be on your squad. youtube business account

Enormous audience

YouTube’s large, captive audience of more than one billion users is a great opportunity for business promotion. A YouTube business account is also very effective at reaching consumers on-the-go. Mobile devices now account for half of all YouTube views.

Boosts search engine ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just for written content. By titling and tagging videos with popular keywords, it’s easier for YouTube users to locate content. YouTube, which is owned by Google, also tremendously benefits a business’ all-important Google ranking.

Easily shareable

Just like embedding video on a blog, YouTube videos are now easily shareable across other social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. YouTube videos posted on other social sites livens up your content and increases visitor traffic.

Showcases personality and increases customer trust

Customers often receive promotional emails, but it’s less likely they have seen and heard directly from company leaders. YouTube videos are a powerful way to build customer trust by allowing the public to become familiar with company faces. Personalization also boosts the bottom-line, because customers often buy from those companies they know and trust.

More persuasive than print

The visual nature of a YouTube business account can be your best advocate. A recent study revealed that videos increase understanding of a product or service by 74 percent.

Highly measurable

The primary way to determine YouTube campaign success is through regular measurement. On YouTube, a business can keep regular track of the growth of key metrics like views and shares. A careful eye on measurement can help guide any necessary changes to a business’ YouTube campaign.

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