Target Audience

Bait the Hook: Attracting Your Target Audience

After accessing the needs and wants of an industry or marketplace, you have created a product to satisfy them.  Now, it is time to create a promotional plan which allows your advertising budget to be spent accordingly and your product/service to end up in the hands of a consumer in your target audience. (Although the path to your sale may lead endless amounts of ways, we can offer you a few steps to assure you are headed in the right direction.)

Know Your Persona

Understanding your buyer persona is one of, if not the most important steps to attract your target audience.  To build your persona, you will want to collect information such as age, job title, job duties, interests, and any other information that is going to determine who you are selling to. After your persona is built, you can now try to think as they would. Where are they most frequently buying? Where do they turn to absorb information? What are their spending patterns? What are their needs? Thinking similar to those in your target audience is a great first step in attracting the appropriate buyer.

Distribution; Your Tweets won’t Make the Billboard

Now that your personas are built and you have jumped into the minds of your potential buyer, it is time to evaluate your target audience‘s distribution preference. Are they most active on social media? Are you working with an older audience who is mainly captured through a TV ad, or a billboard on the side of the highway? Spending big advertising dollars behind a social media campaign could be a complete waste of budget if your target audience does not turn to such outlets during the decision making process.

Analytics; Your Key to a Target Audience Rich Future

After running a campaign, Inbound or Outbound, it is incredibly important to go through your results and determine how to better attract your target audience the next time around. Maybe you went after the wrong type of leads or your social media was not optimized towards the proper crowd. The beauty of tracking your efforts and diving into your data is that you see not only your weakness, but your strongpoints. Your blogging tactics may have worked very well, attracting great leads from your target audience and you can now tailor your other marketing methods to better support those already successful. Baiting your hook with the right worm for the right fish can take time, trial and error, and a solid understanding of who your target audience is and where they are in the buyer’s journey.  The Inbound Marketing process and best practices can take some time and research in order to achieve success, luckily for you, you’re not alone. Our Fat Guy Media team are experts in all areas of the Inbound Marketing process and we have experience in a wide variety of industries. We have also put together a vast array of content in order to help you gain a better understanding of how your business can start reeling in new leads.

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Target Audience
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