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Need a Local SEO Boost? These 4 Tips Have Got You Covered

As a small business the whole idea of reach can be a bit frustrating. While big companies have access to markets across the globe you may find that your company is having some trouble generating local leads. Leads that had previously been easy to come by. If that’s the case then you may need a bit of a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost. With the proper amount of leverage and a little bit of creativity we’ll help you get your local search back on track and working even better than before. Listed below are 4 simple steps that will turn you into a Local SEO pro.

1. Respect the Hummingbird

Hummingbird is Google’s new search algorithm. Far more intelligent than its predecessors Hummingbird prefers companies that focus on quality, original content rather than old local SEO tricks like Keyword stuffing (adding a bunch of unrelated keywords to a webpage in an attempt to boost ratings). So, be sure to focus on providing quality content to your customers and potential customers. And one of the best ways to do that is…

2. Blog-a-log-a-log-a-log a lot

Okay, so there’s no such thing as a blog-a-log. But it’s an interesting term as it stresses one of the most crucial points of blog writing. A blog is essentially (hopefully) the start of a dialogue with a client who will respond either in words or by converting. To boost your local SEO you’re going to want to go after geo-specific keywords. You want to be writing about what’s relevant to your area, not what’s going on in Bolivia.

3. Build a Local Link Bridge

When we’re talking about local links we’re talking about getting people to link back to your website. The more you get the higher the traffic goes and the more likely your potential customers will be to find you. A physical bridge connects two disconnected land forms to each other and links work in a very similar fashion. The best way to start building your link bridge is by building up your contacts. Start networking on social media, across directories and local associations and organizations and you should have a foundation in place that will help boost your traffic.

4. Keep it Simple

When you’re listing information in your about section please make sure all of your information is consistent across all of your online assets. It might seem like a pretty obvious step but you’d be surprised how quickly information can get lost in translation. And, if you sign up for Google My Business (which we recommend) it will make it much easier for Google to identify where your company is and thereby make it easier for customers to figure out where you are. You don’t want them flocking over to your old address so try to keep it consistent. If you do, it will make your transition to a local SEO boost mode much easier. If you have any further local SEO questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at sales@fatguymedia.com.

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