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The Importance of Reviewing Your Website and Marketing Performance

Digital marketing accounts for the largest share of the overall marketing budgets in many companies. This is because a whopping 63% of the population uses the internet! Therefore, businesses must go to where the people are, which explains the hefty sums of money, focus, and overall resources put towards it. With that level of commitment and the importance of your efforts, you need to be aware of your business’s website and marketing performance.

Ensure Your Website Is Performing Well

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Did you realize 46% of users won’t revisit a poorly performing website? Reviewing your website’s performance is a great way to ensure it runs optimally. Performing routine checkups on your website will also help you identify areas that need improvement. For example, you may have some pages loading slowly or links, features, and videos that aren’t operating correctly. Your website isn’t just a tool for running and promoting your business; it is also a direct extension of your company. A poorly functioning website can negatively affect your business and leave a bad impression on customers.

Your website is constantly changing and evolving. So, as you add new content, make changes to your design, or add a CTA, you need to ensure that everything is still working correctly. Hiring a professional web design company will ensure these considerations are factored in from the start.

Track How Vistors are Using Your Website

Google Analytics is a free tool that shows how people find your site, how long they stay, and what pages they view. To get started, create a free account with Google Analytics and add the tracking code to your website.

Another way to track your website’s performance is by using heatmaps. Heatmaps show where people are clicking on your site, so you can see which areas are getting the most attention. Hotjar and Crazy Egg are two popular heatmap tools.

Finally, use A/B testing to see how different versions of your site perform. For example, you could create two versions of your home page and track which one gets more people to stay on your site and click through to other pages. Google Optimize is a free tool that you can use for A/B testing.

How Often and How to Review Your Website and Marketing Performance

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You must avoid making mistakes or wasting your efforts on poor marketing strategies. It’s important to review your website and marketing performance regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly and effectively. There is no fixed time cap for the intervals between reviews; just be sure you do it. Marketing campaigns need time to generate data that you can use to make decisions, but you need to be aware of and track the numbers along the way

Someone should continuously check that your site and everything on it are performing as they should. There are also website monitoring services that you can hire. These monitoring services report things like pages performing slowly, or if your website happens to crash.

Control the Controllable: Check Your Website and Marketing Performance

Your website is one of your most essential marketing tools to help deliver the results you and your business strive for.

Contact Fat Guy Media today for a free consultation, and let’s see how our web design and content strategy can help your business achieve its goals!

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