Black Friday Marketing

Killer Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales This 2019

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. With everyone rushing to the stores as early as they open, making sure they score the best deals before they’re gone, it’s imperative to have your products and promotions well marketed before the big day. An effective Black Friday marketing campaign can cause customers to rush to your store and anxiously watch the clock for the time your promotions begin.

Black Friday Marketing

5 Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas

1. A Deal an Hour

Making sure that you constantly have new deals will cause people to continue returning to your stores for the different promotions. While the whole day you may have one main offer, each hour you can offer an extra special deal on certain products to attract people to continue coming back throughout the day.

2. Free Gift with Every Purchase

Make it known in your Black Friday marketing campaign that with each purchase customers will receive a free gift. Entice people to spend money with your business. Whether you want to set a price limit on how much customers need to spend first or you’re willing to give anything away as long as something is bought, this is a great way to get people to convert to customers.Black Friday Marketing

3. Add New Products

Customers love seeing and browsing through new products. You can add new things a few days before Black Friday and advertise them, especially those products that you’ll include in your Black Friday sales. This’ll get people excited for your promotions so they can get the new items.

4. Increase Your Ad Spend

A lot of marketers will increase their ad spend budgets in order to get their deals out and known. Increasing your ad spend a few days prior to Black Friday will allow your ads to have enough time to be optimized for conversions. Spending a little more money on your ads will let you reach new potential customers and convert them into buyers.

Black Friday Marketing

5. Offer VIP Discounts

Those that are loyal to your brand and members of your VIP or loyalty program will shop more at your business than those who visit once. Offer these customers even more discounts to have them continually coming back throughout the year. Treat them with your best discounts to make them feel the most special and to make sure they stay customers with your business.

Having an effective Black Friday marketing campaign in place is crucial for a business owner. According to Finder, in 2018 the average adult spent about $438, which averages about $90.14 billion in a single day. Black Friday can boost sales and be instrumental for future campaigns.

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