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Choose the Right Path: How to Get on Google Maps

After the workweek, Long Islanders often find themselves searching on their mobile phones for places to eat, drink and shop. If your business is searching for new ways to reach customers, Google Maps for business is a powerful way to get noticed. Since Google Maps is likely new to your business, let us show you how to get on Google Maps in a snap.

Our Roadmap to How to Get on Google Maps

To celebrate Google Maps’ tenth birthday, we’re here to present local businesses with a Google Maps roadmap that will locate their business in the most accessible place, the Internet. Especially if your business is new, now is a good time to check if you’re on the map, digitally.

Don’t Get Lost on the Map

If your business is not located in Google Maps, it might very well not exist to millennials and others that rely on mobile listings. If your business is not on Google Maps, there’s no need to worry. Let us show you how to get on Google Maps. It’s easier than you might think.

Harness the Power of Geomarketing

Geomarketing can integrate geographic intelligence into various aspects of marketing and sales. It’s not just enough to be on the map today. Geomarketing can help leverage your Google Map presence into increased store foot traffic. Still confused about how to get on Google Maps? PowerListings is an excellent starting point. It guarantees your businesses listings are located on Google Maps with all the correct information. PowerListings can automatically add missing listings and update critical fields, like name, address, phone number and categories. With PowerListings, business information can be changed at any time and updated across digital networks. Before taking Google Maps for business on a test drive, there are a few more geomarketing facts you should know.

  • Guaranteed presence: Your most critical information, like name, address and phone number, is assured to be on Google Maps.
  • Enhanced listings: Add photos, promos and a description to your Google Maps profile.
  • Review monitoring: Never miss a positive customer review with geomarketing monitoring services.
  • Full analytics: Track your impressions and profile views to determine what specials and coupons are working best and which are not.

Enjoy Enhanced Listings

Businesses can add photos, descriptions and promotions to their listings on Google Maps. Let your customers know about new products, important announcements, changing hours and more. By entering information into a PowerListings account, updates will rapidly follow across networks.

Arriving at the Conclusion of How to Get on Google Maps

A common myth is that Internet traffic leads mostly to online purchases. According to Google, three in four shoppers are encouraged to visit a store after finding helpful information online. With guaranteed placement on Google Maps, geomarketing delivers your customers the correct local business information at their fingertips. Businesses spend a lot of time and money on websites, but few currently reap all the benefits of geomarketing. For more information about how to get on Google Maps, please call us at 516.535.5353 or email us at

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