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How to Scale a Marketing Campaign

Smart marketing managers know that a profitable marketing campaign is a beginning not an end, because campaigns can always be scaled in size and scope. With these simple, proven strategies, you can create a road map that grows your campaign by improving its efficiency and effectiveness.

Establish Your Marketing Campaign Priorities

marketing campaignIf you don’t know what direction your campaign is going, it’s unlikely you will get there.

Establishing priorities at the outset guides the whole process.

If you are going to scale your campaign, create a strategic plan that includes an objective, goals, strategies, tactics and measurement.

Identify What Already Works

In every marketing campaign, there are elements that work and others that don’t.

As you prepare to scale, reevaluate the effectiveness of the social media marketing, blogging and other strategies. Identify which content has performed best in the past. Important metrics to examine are engagement, social media interaction and conversion rates.

Increase Sales and Marketing Coordination

In inbound marketing, coordination between the sales and marketing department is of the upmost importance. Improved communication creates a collaborative environment where creative ideas flourish.

It’s then easier for both departments to share goals and align strategies that make scaling successful campaigns possible.

Become More Efficientmarketing campaign

If you are increasing the volume of a smaller campaign, it’s a good time to also improve your overall marketing efficiency.

Start by aligning your marketing campaign with business goals and buyer needs, so you make the most of your resources.

Here are a few other suggestions that will save you time and money:

  • Create team roles and responsibilities
  • Align internal resources
  • Create a production plan
  • Develop a content calendar
  • Produce evergreen content
  • Repurpose content

Increase Campaign Effectiveness

As you scale your campaign, understand that just because it’s bigger does not mean it will automatically be more effective. However, certain campaign tweaks can bring better results.

  • Use search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Identify gaps in content
  • Create whitepapers that have value for the reader
  • Add attractive calls-to-action
  • Encourage subscriptions
  • Create relevant content that connects to major events, holidays, seasons and more

Stay Committed and Consistent

With the explosion of content marketing, it’s not always easy for your campaigns to gain traction right away. A committed and consistent approach is the best policy. As your campaign succeeds at a larger size, you can prepare to scale it and then scale it again.

Marketing Campaign

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