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Your Road Map to Inbound Marketing Campaign Success

Have you ever wished that there was an inbound marketing campaign map that could just make everything fit together? It would certainly save time trying to get an inbound marketing plan together. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a bit of a road map for you that you can use as a guide to create content that will better generate more qualified sales ready leads. Like any map or set of directions there will be a variety of ways to get from point A to point B so we’ve broken down our inbound marketing campaign map into three separate zones, zones that you will be free to navigate at your own discretion.

Zone 1 – Awareness Content

Before your leads are leads, they are people sniffing around the Internet for a certain kind of information, product or service. That means they have already decided they want something, they just need to be shown the way (and by that we mean the way to your site). Content at this level should focus on;

  • Identifying your target customers and what they might be looking for (solving a problem, buying a product, a service, etc.)
  • Creating content that is easy to understand through the use of

o   Blogs o   Infographics o   E-books

Zone 2 – Consideration Content

The customer has made it from zone one (i.e. arriving at your site) to zone two (a.k.a. the first buying zone). Here, you’re going to have to make sure all of the content on your blogs, infographics, e-books and website are all up to date. Meaning they are relevant, current, honest and well researched. Well thought out original content will increase your chances of converting the customer because when they access this zone it is a clear indication that they mean business. Listed below are the three typical forms of consideration content.

  • White papers
  • Articles
  • Reports

Zone 3 – Decision Content

Thanks to your inbound marketing campaign, your customer is ready to make their decision now. But before they make that decision you’re going to have to give them one last bit of guidance. Your content should still follow the rules mentioned above (factual and informative) but you can get a little bit more biased. Here you can discuss your products and services, which will relate back to your previous posts, and why you offer the best alternative for the customer. Those three inbound steps should help you better attract, direct and turn potential customers into sales ready leads. If you have any further questions regarding inbound marketing campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at

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inbound marketing
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