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How to Keep Your Landing Page Ship Shape

Land Ho!!! I can’t imagine how relieved the first explorers must have felt when they heard that expression ring out from the crow’s nest above them. It must have been tempting just to kiss the ground (which most people would probably consider more than a little weird), but six months at sea with diminishing provisions would do that to you. A good landing page can have a similar effect on Internet users who may be weary from the doldrums of poor web design and irrelevant content. But how do you make sure your landing page excites people and generating good leads? Here are a few steps you can take to get your page ship-shape.

1. Shiver Me Timbers Those Conversion Rates are Low

Conversion rates refer to the number of users who have viewed your webpage and have taken a desired action (such as completing a form for a consultation or a user that completes a transaction on your site). If more people are taking that desired action on your site then you can expect to have a higher conversion rate and you may be able to put off that redesign for a little while. If it’s low (low being relative to your industry) then you’re losing water (and customers) fast so it might be time to consider a landing page (or web page) redesign.

2.  Weigh Anchor with those (Quality) Leads

When explorers would leave their vessels and go check out the land they’d weigh anchor so that their ship wouldn’t take a trip of its’ own. The same concept applies to your site. If it doesn’t generate quality leads then there’s going to be little to come back to when you’re checking for conversions. Hubspot just published a blog about what to do if you’re having a hard time generating such leads. Here are their three suggestions. (1)   Rewrite copy – Be clear and concise about what potential customers will be receiving by signing up. (2)   Increase form length – This will help you better qualify your leads if you’re getting too many for your sales team to sift through. (3)   Identify obstacles – Talk to your sales team about what might be standing in the way of potential high-quality leads. It could be the offer you’re giving away (not just your sites design) that’s turning people away.

3. Pass the Blink Test and Avoid Walking the Plank

Nobody wants to walk the plank, especially not after you’ve invested so much of your own time and money into your business. The blink test refers to the initial 3 to 5 seconds in which a visitor will decide to either stay on your site or leave. Try surveying some people and see if they’ll stay on your page for longer than three seconds. If they’re not interested that might be an indicator that you should think about a redesign. Here are 12 steps you can take to ensure it passes. If you have any further questions about creating a quality landing page please don’t hesitate to contact us at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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