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Modern Web Design Features Marketers Will Love

A modern web design makeover, which replaces a traditional, static website with one that drives business growth, includes a plethora of innovative features that benefit marketers.

5 Appealing Modern Web Design Features

1.      Mobile-friendly

Since nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, it’s no longer a viable business strategy to have a mobile-unfriendly website.

Traditional websites can be difficult to view on a mobile device. Their design can force users to pinch or zoom in order to read content. As a result, frustrated visitors can quickly move on to another site and never come back.  Mobile-friendly web design retains visitors, which gives marketers a better chance of converting on new opportunities.

Google’s Mobilegeddon, which introduced an SEO penalty to sites that are not mobile friendly, further illustrates the importance of modern web design.

2.      Social Media Integration

With nearly 75 percent of online adults now using social media, an outdated website that doesn’t integrate social sharing does a disservice to its marketers.

Modern websites come complete with the option for including social follow buttons. These can help to increase the size of a business’ social community.

If a website includes blogs, marketers can add social sharing buttons that can publish a business’ content on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Social media integration also increases the reach of the content a marketer publishes.

3.      Easier Navigation

Web design has always worked towards providing users with many different options to view the pages within a site. However, the multiple entry points on traditional websites take up a tremendous amount of room on a home page.

Hamburger menus, which are three parallel horizontal lines located in the top left or top right of a website, provide a cleaner, simpler site navigation. The menu to navigate further in the site are hidden and collapsible until a user clicks on the hamburger icon.

4.      Enhanced Imagery

With a redesigned website, marketers have the ability to choose high-quality photography which catches the eye the second a visitor opens the page.

Large and responsive hero images, which extend above and below the fold, have become increasingly popular for marketing a business. These images, which often sit in the background, are used to convey the story of a company. With the addition of text and content on top, it’s possible to grab and hold attention quickly.

5.      More Content Options

With an updated website, marketers gain the ability to convey their messages to potential customers in many different ways. These could include anything from video to blogs to podcasts.

By incorporating a content management system, like HubSpot or WordPress, into a new website, marketers are now able to publish fresh content on their site as often as they like.

A final advantage to modern web design is that its websites are ever evolving. With frequent updates and tweaks available, a website can remain current as long as it is maintained.

modern web design

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