Happy Holidaze

Happy Holidaze!

It’s the holiday season again and while you are trying your best to be the Tiny Tim and appreciate everything you have, sometimes you inner Scrooge just takes over. The holiday season can be pretty chaotic, between gift buying and visiting relatives it’s understandable to feel like a roasted chestnut at some point. This is called Holidaze. Ford Motor Company also has some Holidaze situations you might find yourself in. When you think of Holidaze, think of Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Would you be happy if your Aunt sent you a pink bunny onesie? Or Davey Stone in Eight Crazy Nights. After losing his family and disconnecting from the world, Davey had no intentions of spreading Hanukkah cheer. Don’t be Ralphie or Davey. We have some great tips to help you battle the Holidaze.

Getting Through the Holidaze

  1. Plan ahead. Don’t go head first into the mall. You’re bound to come out with gifts for two people. Plus, you might get distracted and buy something for yourself. So make sure you write out a list of who you are getting for and what. Check for any store deals that might be going on and do not leave the house without your coupons.
  2. Don’t overdo it. You don’t need to watch every holiday movie that’s on every channel. Watch the ones you want to see and use it as your “me time.” No one will remember how your house smelled like fresh pinecones, so don’t try too hard making everything holiday perfect (that’s what the movies are for anyways).
  3. Holidaze dragging you down? There’s an app for that! Huffington Post has a list of some of the best apps to get you through the Holidaze. Organize, save money and conquer with these apps.
  4. Travel light. By plane, by car, bus or boat make sure you’re not bringing things you don’t need with you (for example, a Christmas tree). If you’re flying, ship your presents ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary baggage fees. Schedule flights or begin your road trip in the early morning or at night. This way there will be less security lines, traffic and less chaos altogether.
  5. Enjoy it! The baking, the gift wrapping and everything else only happens once a year. It’s a time for family coming together (don’t worry, it’s only temporary). Don’t let planning outweigh your moments. Try to just breathe and let the holidays happen.

Good luck this Holidaze season and Happy Holidaze from Fat Guy Media!

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