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Why Visual Storytelling is so Popular in Web Design

Storytelling is something everyone does in their everyday lives. Whether you are recounting your day’s events or telling someone a memory, it’s a force of nature to story tell, especially in web design. Visual storytelling in web design is what sets your company apart from the rest. It helps potential clients get a feel for who you are as a whole, becoming an essential part of business.  

What is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling is a narrative being told through photographs, visuals, or videos. The use of visual storytelling helps to better capture the attention of the audience. It has the ability to turn a passive reader into an active one. It creates a want to finish the article or story they have started; rather than just stopping mid-way.

Brands such as Airbnb use visual storytelling on their social media accounts by posting photos of places that are available for rent. They let the image itself convince you why you need to go on vacation and rent a home they have available.

The Reasons for Using Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling


Many times, when people visit a website, they want their information quickly. They don’t want to deal with having to read through a lot of text and jargon. Visual storytelling’s purpose is to give your customers as much information as they can get in a simple and comprehensible way.

People remember 80 percent of what they see because the brain processes visuals faster. A significant amount more than what you remember after reading or hearing something. The more visual your brand is, the more likely potential customers will remember you for the future. In turn, you’re more likely to keep an audience focused on your company with visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling


Since visual storytelling breaks down information that is difficult to comprehend and makes it easier for an audience to have a better grasp on what your company is about, it makes you seem more trustworthy. A company that is able to build trust with their clientele and create a personality for the business itself, will be more successful than those who cannot build that trust.

Stories are what make us feel and allow us to want to come back for more. By focusing on creating effective designs that align with your company’s desired image and your customers’ values, you can create a long-lasting relationship between the two.

Visual story telling gives brands and companies a better opportunity to catch the interest of perspective clients. It aids in designing an impactful website when done correctly. This is because it can create a connection that your brand can benefit from for a long time. If you want to revamp your website, contact Fat Guy Media.

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