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When Social Media Content is more Harmful than Helpful

Social media is a powerful brand promotion tool … if you know how to use it right. Businesses that don’t run the risk of alienating followers or even driving away potential customers. To get the best results, learn about three common social media content mistakes that might be undermining your digital marketing campaigns.

3 Social Media Content Strategies that Never Work

1)      Quantity over Quality

Of course, it’s important for your company to be active on social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter. But, it also matters what you are posting.

Quality content is always a priority in social media marketing. It should be original, helpful and relevant to your target audience. Otherwise, it’s likely your social media content will fall on deaf ears.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses share poor content in an effort to meet self-imposed quotas of posts. This common social media marketing mistake costs brands not only likes, but followers too.

2)      Overpromoting your Brand

Today, most people follow business accounts to learn about how a product or service might benefit their lives. On social media, endless sales pitches simply do not work. In fact, it is one of the surest recipes for failure.

While there is no doubt social media can be a great place to attract new prospects, businesses must remember that advertising is not the primary purpose of these platforms. People are there to maintain relationships with friends and brands they like to frequent. By cultivating these relationships, companies can gain more loyal, long-term customers.

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3)      Not Interacting with Followers

Social media is not a one-way channel of communication. Today, consumers expect to interact with the brands they like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks. If you are not responding to your followers’ comments and messages, it’s likely they will get bored and go elsewhere.

To maximize the value of the content you’re posting on social media, you have to be active on those platforms daily. Your own comments can help to boost engagement, which will in turn allow your content to get seen by more users.

Whether your company is just breaking into social media or has been using it for years, avoiding these three common mistakes will help to improve your marketing results.

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