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3 Fun Fourth of July Ads that Make Us Feel Patriotic

The Fourth of July is a tricky holiday when it comes to marketing and advertising. Although brands have to do something, you’re sometimes limited in what you can actually say. That’s why it’s necessary to get creative and savvy. If you need a little inspiration for your Independence Day messaging, check out some of these fun and patriotic Fourth of July ads from popular brands.

Fat Guy Media’s Favorite Fourth of July Ads

Budweiser’s “A Dream Delivered”

In 2017, for Budweiser’s Fourth of July ad, they decided to shy away from promotion in lieu of a greater cause. Teaming up with Folds of Honor, Budweiser opened the ad with a simple question and answer: “How do you honor military families? You change their lives.” And Budweiser did exactly that.

In the ad, actor Adam Driver goes to meet with the Williams family. However, Driver and the family’s father, both veterans, never deployed due to injury. However, Mr. Williams injury remains to this day and renders him unable to work and pay for his daughter’s education.

Therefore, to give back, Budweiser and Folds of Honor, through Adam Driver, gave the Williams’ daughter a college scholarship and pledged to cover all her expenses. Instead of just promotion, Budweiser decided to exemplify the values they hold dearly. And sometimes, that’s the best way to do it.’s “Declaration Descendants”

For their Fourth of July ads in 2017, decided to take it back to our country’s roots. In the commercial, a diverse group of people gather around Independence Hall reciting the Declaration of Independence.

Upon further examination, you might notice that it is a recreation of John Trumbull’s iconic “Declaration of Independence” painting. However, the real point of the commercial doesn’t come across until the end. The commercial later reveals that this diverse group of people all descended from our founding fathers.

The Message

The point being that our country has come a long way since men in powdered wigs gathered in this very space to liberate our country.

In the words of their CMO, this campaign aims to “highlight how our individual and collective history is an important part of our country’s complex DNA and that we are all universally connected, sometimes in unexpected ways.”

Lowe’s Handy Fireworks Display

If you can believe it, not all Fourth of July ads are commercials—some run on social. Just take, for example, Lowe’s fun Independence Day tweet in 2013.

Using Vine (which was still around at the time), the tweet featured a stop-motion display of tools as fireworks. The tweet did not include a promotion or link to their website. It was just a wholesome display of patriotism—and that’s what Independence Day is meant for, isn’t it?

Fourth of July ads are great to connect with audiences while still paying proper tribute to the holiday.

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