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5 Tips for Writing Effective Email Marketing Messages

Since just about everybody complains about an overflowing email inbox, marketers are forced to work twice as hard to get their email messages noticed today. If your open rate has stagnated, our tips for writing effective email marketing messages will help you improve your next campaign.

Simple Suggestions for Effective Email Marketing

Essentially, marketers aim to send the right content to the right audience at the right time. However, this isn’t as easy as it may sound. Many marketers struggle with crafting the right content to sell their product or service to their target audience. These five simple suggestions will improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

1.      Enticing Subject Line

Since an email’s subject line is a determining factor in whether your contact opens your email, crafting the perfect subject line is never a waste of time.

An effective email marketing strategy incorporates these smart subject line tips in 50 characters or less:

  • Use powerful words
  • Raise curiosity
  • Be simple and clear
  • Promise something good
  • Establish urgency
  • Ask a question
  • Use numbers

2.      Consistent Messaging

Nothing is worse than opening an email to find out the message is about something very different than the subject line. You immediately feel like you have been duped.

Experienced inbound marketers steer clear of this tactic, because it can cause an increase in the number of subscribers who opt out of an email list.

After the subject line, the message body should be clear and consistent with a single, defined goal.

effective email marketing

3.      Easily Digestible

Life moves fast. Everyone has millions of things competing for their time. To capture your target audiences’ attention, your email needs to be able to be consumed quickly.

Effective inbound marketing messages are short, strong and to-the-point. Instead of trying to cram every bit of information in one email, incorporate bullet points into your message.

You can also increase audience engagement with pictures, links and calls-to-action.

4.      Talk about the Benefits

A common mistake marketers make is to talk about the features of a product or service. This is a tactic which has been known to make readers’ eyes glaze over. Consumers are actually more interested in how a product or service will benefit them.

If you switch to talking about benefits rather than features, you will quickly notice the difference.

5.      Add a Personal Touch

Emails with a personal touch are far more effective than ones that sound robotic. Personalize your campaign by mentioning each contact by name. Additionally, try using your individual email address when you send a blast rather than a generic company address.

Another effective email marketing strategy is to use buyer personas to create segmented lists. Highly segmented lists have 39 percent better open rates, according to HubSpot.

As you prepare your next email campaign, incorporate these five email marketing suggestions to get your messages opened, read and clicked more than ever before.

effective email marketing

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