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Facebook Live Ideas for Businesses to Mix Up Their Content

A few months ago, Facebook Live was introduced. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a livestreaming feature, made by Facebook. Being the social media connoisseurs we are, we wrote a blog on how to use it. However, that blog focused more on technical setup, not content creation. This time, we’re diving into detail discussing ideas that will make your livestream a great one.

Facebook Live Ideas for Maximum Engagement

Give Fans a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Everyone loves to feel as if they have exclusive access to something that others do not. Livestreaming with Facebook gives you the opportunity to provide your followers with that special feeling by giving them a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business.

Livestream the manufacturing process of your products, or just a celebration you’re having with your company. For example, during #BagelFest, we had a food-filled livestream at our office. Check it out here.

facebook live

Product Demonstrations

If your business sells products, you can demonstrate how to use them, step by step, with a livestream. You can also give exclusive sneak peeks into products you plan on releasing in the future, even if they’re still in the developing stages.

Live Q&A Sessions

Give your Facebook followers the chance to ask you any questions they’d like during a live Q&A session. Just give them some notice ahead of time, and be prepared to give thorough answers. This is a great way to connect with your followers. After you’ve answered their questions, ask them some of your own to get to know them better.

Event Promotion and Broadcasting

Once you’ve planned an event, whether it’s a conference, fundraiser or party, let your followers know that you’ll be going live on Facebook to make a special announcement. Then, on video, share the details and talk up the event. In the comments section, provide them with a URL to the event page so they can RSVP or learn more information.

Also, state that you’ll be broadcasting the event with Facebook Live. This way, you can show anyone who neglected to attend what they’re missing out on. They’ll be tempted to come to your next one!

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Host an Interview

Whenever you get the opportunity to sit down and speak with an interesting person, livestream it to your Facebook followers. Hosting an interview and showcasing your guest’s expertise is a great way to mix up the content of your livestream. Plus, you can politely ask your guest to promote the interview on their own Facebook page, which will entice some of their followers to become yours, too.

Blog Recap

Of course, the written word is a powerful tool for communicating your ideas, but it could be even stronger if you supplement it with video explanation. Recapping a blog on Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to expand upon ideas you touched on, and even introduce new ones entirely.

For more inspiration, explore the Facebook Live Map to see what other people are doing. Once you’ve got some motivation of your own, it’s your turn to go live!

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