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B2B Marketing Tips to Succeed in the Digital Age

Marketing to another business, is of course, different from marketing to a consumer. Businesses are focused on increasing their profits, while consumers often seek to buy products and services based on emotion (when they’re happy, sad, hungry, etc.). So, how do you communicate to another business that your product or service is right for them? These B2B marketing tips will answer that question!

B2B Marketing Tips

Industry Specific Jargon

When you’re marketing to other businesses, you can benefit from demonstrating your understanding of the industry. For example, we use the acronym “SEO” and it’s understood by other marketers that we’re talking about search engine optimization. The appropriate use of industry specific jargon alerts the reader that you have experience in their niche market.

Use Content to Make Contacts

After you’ve mastered the power of incorporating industry related terminology into your content, you can use that content to gather contact information from your potential customers. How? By offering your leads premium content in exchange for their email addresses, information about their companies or anything else you feel is necessary to help you understand them.

Often, it’s recommended that content pieces be short and sweet in order to get the point across quickly and efficiently. However, with B2B marketing, lengthier, more detailed content can work well. That’s because businesses expect to be thoroughly educated by your content. Since most businesses are made up of several different decision makers, their buying processes are longer than those of consumers. Using your content to cater to their exact questions will help you gain their trust.

Don’t Underestimate Email

In many workplaces, email is the primary method of communication. Because of this, email marketing is a great way to reach a wide, engaged audience with the click of a button. Email marketing is especially powerful if you know how to write an effective email.

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Paid Advertising Attracts Business

B2B markets are typically smaller than B2C markets. Because of this, you have fewer potential customers, making competition even fiercer. Paid online advertising is a great way to stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression on the businesses to which you’re selling.

Get Mobile in the Mix

A lot of marketers think sales that derive from mobile are limited to the B2C realm, but that’s not the case. Forrester predicts that more B2B sales will be generated from mobile as time passes. Not only that, but Google places a lot of value on mobile friendliness for SEO. A website that’s optimized for mobile is a necessity.

The Bottom Line is your Top Priority

One of the major differences between selling to another business and selling to a consumer is the buying experience. For consumers, the buying experience is largely emotional. They may buy out of sadness, happiness or impulse, and they buy in order to be entertained.

Businesses, on the other hand, buy based on logic—they want the product or service that will give them the best return on their investment. The one thing every business has in common is that they’re all trying to maximize their bottom line. Effectively communicating the value of your product or service is vital to B2B marketing success.

b2b marketing

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