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7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Instagram is no longer an app for the millennials; sharing pictures of last night’s dinner, that #OMG moment with a #BFF or a #nofilter #selfie. Instagram marketing has become a powerhouse of social sharing; it has transformed into a powerful branding tool for your small business.   Optimized best by creativity and less by the dollar bill, Instagram marketing is a platform allowing you to create a larger business community and a more powerful digital presence. Ready to become a pro? Start your journey to becoming a young Jedi with a few of these Instagram marketing tips.

Instagram Marketing Tips


  1. Define Who You Are

Before diving head first into the “gram” world, establish your Bio section for your Instagram profile, the first place people look. When people (navigate to or accidentally) end up on your feed, you want them to quickly know who you are, what you’re about, and why they should follow you.

  1. Creating a Brand Personality

One of the greatest benefits of Instagram marketing is the ability to create a personality. Create a “voice” for your brand to people you have never met.

  1. Work and Play

As a regular Joe that could possibly become a client of your small business, I would want to know that your brand and its employees are real people. Prove that your company gives genuine focus and passion to their brand. At the same time, post pictures of real people aspects like stressing out, relaxing, eating too much, enjoying a Saturday, etc. Give your followers a glimpse into the whole picture, not just one element. Show fun and show success.

  1. Introduce Your Team

Maybe your business consists of only you — if that’s the case, let the world in on recent achievements. Show something fun you did last weekend. For example, post your dog eating your favorite pair of shoes. Let Instagram marketing allow your audience to relate with you on a personal AND business level.  Do you have multiple employees? When a new team member comes on board let your customers know. Share a brief blurb about them and how excited you are to have them. Let people know that they aren’t the only crazy cat people out there. People are much more apt to let themselves trust a team they know about. Again, be real with your marketplace. Show your company’s human side.

  1. Explore Industry Trends

One of the greatest tools built into the Instagram marketing package is the ability to search trending topics and commonly used hashtags. For example, you have your own food truck; you know the industry is booming and there is room for you to succeed. Explore how your competitors are growing their brand and sharing their content. What hashtags are getting the most “likes”? What isn’t working out? Learn from others’ successes and failures.  

  1. Share Generously

Of course, the reason you began this Instagram marketing endeavor was to promote and grow your business. Hey, don’t make the focus all you 100% of the time. Other industry influences may have done something cool, eaten the best sandwich you have ever seen for lunch (most likely involving bacon), or come out with some great industry insight. Give the 80/20 HubSpot rule a try. 80% of the content you share should benefit Instagram users (how your product benefits them). The remaining 20% should feature what you are selling. This is a great way to gain interest and followers.

  1. Bring Your Community Behind the Scenes

Showing off your product 20% of the time never hurts. In fact, it’s a great thing. Hard work deserves some acknowledgment. Instagram is the perfect place to show off your work and validate your professionalism. Use Instagram marketing to give your audience a “behind the scenes” look into your brand and your world. Take followers through the process of what you are creating by posting pictures of your staff working together or development stages of what you are producing. Whatever it may be, let them know your company is more than just a machine, connect on a relateable level.   Instagram marketing is a train that has already left the station. Luckily for you, it is not too late to buy a ticket and get on at the next stop. “My business doesn’t have a place in the Instagram marketing world” is a tune I’ve heard 53 too many times. A successful business is always growing and constantly changing to adapt to the times. These Instagram marketing tips are essential for optimizing your business. Still a bit confused? Check out our Instagram marketing handle @fatguymedia to explore our feed, ask us questions, and “like” pictures of #bacon. Everyone loves #bacon.  

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