KPI Examples

The Best KPI Examples that We can Find for Your Marketing Campaign

Your key performance indicator, or KPI, is a great way to measure your marketing goals and to set a timeline for when you’d like to achieve them. KPIs are beneficial for tracking four different categories of business metrics. Those four categories are marketing, finance, project management and sales, however, we are specifically dealing with marketing. There are many KPI examples, but you will only benefit from measuring the margins that are relevant to you and your specific business goals.

4 Marketing KPI Examples

If you are in the business of marketing, a few valuable KPI examples that you should look out for are:

KPI Examples

1.      Sales revenue

Knowing your sales revenue is important, because it allows you to measure  your inbound marketing campaign. If your sales revenue is low, you automatically know that something in your marketing campaign is not working as it should be.

2.      Organic traffic

The goal of most businesses is to have organic traffic coming to your site. Organic traffic means that people are finding your site on their own, saving you on other marketing costs.

3.      Social media traffic

With how popular social media is becoming, it’s important to remember the amount of leads you can gain through these sites. This is a great way to engage with clients and gain new business.

KPI Examples

4.      Landing page conversion rates

You have a landing page that looks great, but is it getting the conversions you need? A landing page that doesn’t capture leads is a useless page. Make sure to monitor your landing page conversions so you know if something needs to be changed or updated.

While there are many more KPI examples, these are some important ones that will indicate whether or not you have been reaching the goals that you have set for your business. Once you find out exactly what you want to achieve, then you can determine which KPIs you should be focusing on. If you are worried about your marketing campaigns, KPIs would be the best indicator of what needs changing and updating. Successfully managing your KPIs will allow you to determine what needs to be worked on. This will make achieving your goals that much more sustainable.

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