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Fat Guy Media’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

Some enjoy the Super Bowl for the matchup, others come for the food. But no matter what your reasons are for watching, we can all appreciate the amazing commercials that come from it. However, over the years, certain Super Bowl commercials have caught our eye as the best of the best. That’s why we decided to roundup our favorites in the lead up to Super Bowl LIV.

4 Super Bowl Commercials We Won’t Soon Forget

The eTrade Baby Makes His Mark

Who else would’ve thought that a baby would be the one to make investing cool in the 21st century? Well, it happened. In fact, the introduction of the eTrade baby during Super Bowl XLII had many folks eager to hand their portfolios over to this precocious infant.

With this spot, which blended comedy and savvy financial advice, the eTrade baby pushed the brand into superstardom. In fact, this Super Bowl commercial would become a cornerstone of the big game, as an iteration of it made an appearance for the next six years.

1984 by Apple

In 1984, Apple debuted a popular, yet bizarre Super Bowl commercial that set the stage for generations of advertisements. In fact, as one of the first viral ads, it only appeared once, but would go on to be featured on news channels across the globe.

The ad itself, however, was a response to stiff competition from IBM. In its introduction to the Macintosh computer, Apple enlisted famed director Ridley Scott to paint the picture of a dystopian future devoid of any creativity or innovation, similar to George Orwell’s acclaimed novel 1984.

Apple’s message to break the mold and shake up society did not go unnoticed. In the next three months, they would go on to sell $150 million worth of Macintoshes.

Coca-Cola and Mean Joe Greene

As a classic Super Bowl commercial, Coca-Cola’s Mean Joe Greene ad would make its mark for years to come. In the spot, a kid offers Mean Joe a cold soda after a tough game. After that, Joe dejectedly walks away until he turns around, utters the famous phrase of “Hey kid, catch” and throws him his jersey.

The ad became so iconic that it even inspired international versions, some of which included soccer legend Diego Maradona. Additionally, it even got turned into an NBC TV movie entitled “The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid.”

Budweiser Says “Whassssuupppp”

Yes, it’s true. Budweiser was ostensibly responsible for bringing a long, exaggerated “Whassup” into our lexicon in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. Although it may seem cringeworthy now, it was actually a pop culture fixture for some time.

And, believe it or not, even though it’s regarded as a famous Super Bowl commercial, it first appeared during Monday Night Football in December 1999. A month later though, it would gain prominence during Super Bowl XXXIV.

Budweiser’s annoying, yet catchy commercial would even lead to other iterations, most notably the one which transformed the phrase to “What are you doing?”

These days, the Super Bowl commercials are almost as talked about as the actual game. So, with that being said, look out for some new classics when the Chiefs play the Niners this Sunday!

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