SEAL Sayings That Will Motivate You

SEAL Sayings That Will Motivate You in Life and Business: Part 3 of 3

The final installment of SEAL Sayings That Will Motivate You in Life and Business could not have come at a better time — it’s after 2 o’clock on Hump Day and I’m feeling as unmotivated as ever.

Here is a recap of the past quotes

Part 1

  1. The Only Easy Day was Yesterday
  2. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  3. All In, All the Time

    Part 2

  4. Anything in Life Worth Doing is Worth Overdoing, Moderation is for Cowards
  5. No Plan Survives First Contact with the Enemy
  6. Have a Shared Sense of Purpose

Seal Sayings, Motivational Series: Part 3 of 3

7.      The More You Sweat in Training, the Less You Bleed in Combat

Training and preparedness are the keys to any successful venture. For SEALs it can mean life or death. In business it could mean your livelihood. Prepare for the unlikely. Have answers for the questions that your client could be asking. The harder you work on things to prepare the less you will have to stress on the back-end of things.

8.      Take Responsibility for Your Actions and the Actions of Your Team

Being in a group for anything this is incredibly important, especially for the higher-ups in your company. You should always take responsibility for something that you mess up. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves, if you fudge up, admit it, fix it and move on. There is nothing worse than someone who can never admit they are wrong, except someone who passes the buck. As a boss, manager, what have you, it makes you the captain of your ship. It is your duty to take responsibility of your minions’ mistakes. Your employees will appreciate you sticking your neck out for them and clients will also appreciate you not trying to throw someone under the bus.

9.      Never Trust a Fighting Man Who Doesn’t Smoke or Drink

This one is arguably The Fat Guy’s favorite. Now we aren’t saying you have to be a lush or a dead-head to do business, there is a deeper meaning than that. As he says, “everyone needs a vice to be normal”. It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t believe they have flaws. There are different kinds of crazy and without having outlets and showing a wilder side you leave a perception that there is something hidden. It’s similar to the idea that you would rather take on what you know than to be surprised by something much worse. Take this, or what is behind Door #2. This blog series was a lot of fun to write. Writing and reading these for the past 3 weeks increased my motivation, not just from the words themselves or the meanings assimilated with business, but what they mean to those from where they originated. The SEALs have these meanings instilled in them from the first training. We hoped you enjoyed the SEAL Sayings That Will Motivate You in Life and Business Series as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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