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How to Use Facebook Ads New Video Features

Let’s play a game of would you rather (the PG version). Would you rather watch a 2 minute long marketing video or read a 1200 word piece of copy? I am going to take a gander and say that you opted for the video. That might be because I went to school for film so video gives me the opportunity to have a career. But, I think the importance of video goes beyond my bias as learning how to use Facebook ads new video features could give your company a significant boost on social media. Video offers companies a unique opportunity to pack a lot of information into a short, easy to consume medium that triggers conversions and consumer engagement. And, videos on social media just got a little bit more exciting. Here is how to use Facebook ads new video features.

How to Use Facebook Ads New Features

Videos have seen a couple different advancements on Facebook over the past few years. From increased video quality to autoplay Facebooks developers have been persistent about improving the medium on the social media platform. Listed below are a few of their latest improvements (and how to use Facebook ads new video features).

1.     Improved Analytics

One of the biggest complaints against Facebook video was that there was no way for companies to track and see how well their videos were performing (not exactly what you want to hear as a marketing professional). Video production can get a little pricey so you will want to be able to track how well your video is performing in order to determine whether or not it makes good financial sense to continue producing videos. Luckily Facebook’s new video features will allow you to track video views, completion rate and the cost per view of your video.

2.     Improved Optimization

Optimizing your video for SEO (search engine optimization) can take away from your already scarce work time. Luckily, Facebook is looking out for you. Their new optimization feature optimizes your video automatically, showing ads to users who are most likely to view your videos. That means you can spend more time on other more important things at work and you can let Facebook handle the optimization.

3.     Improved Story-lines

With the rise of meta-stories and elongated story-lines being able to connect your old videos with your new videos is an essential part of telling your brand story. Connecting those story-lines on Facebook used to be difficult so streamlining the process was a point of emphasis for Facebook’s developers. By learning how to use Facebook ads new video features you can better connect those story-lines and re-target users who have watched your videos in the past.With these new features we can take your video assets and turn them into major conversion generators for your business. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation please feel free to contact us at 516-535-5353. We look forward to hearing from you!

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