what is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing, and How can it Work for your Business?

What is digital marketing, you ask? Well, it’s more than just advertising your products or services online. When really understanding what digital marketing is it’s best to recognize what falls under the digital marketing umbrella. If your business is using a search engine, social media platform, email, radio stations, or other websites to connect with your audience, you are utilizing digital marketing efforts.

What is Digital Marketing Exactly?

So, you may have a basic understanding to the question, “What is digital marketing?” But do you know how to truly utilize it for your business? This form of marketing is a great way for a business to advertise themselves on the online realm and adjust their marketing tactics as needed in order to best reach their goals. This is a time when you can easily experiment different marketing tactics to find out what resonates best with your audience and how to best reach them.

what is digital marketing

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Endless Opportunities

The beauty of the internet is how easy it is to reach people from all over the world. One post on social media can lead to hundreds of thousands of engagements and impressions, reaching anywhere from your area to across the world.

Targeting you Ideal Customers

Not only can you market to locations all over the world, but you can also target your marketing more specifically, so no matter how far your marketing reaches, only the most qualified leads will see your ads. Digital marketing allows you to reach those who will actually be interested in the product or service you have to offer.


Even with more specific targeting and reaching larger audiences, it’s still cheaper than traditional marketing. It doesn’t cost much to reach the type of engagement you need to gain qualified leads. When compared to traditional marketing, where small and mid-sized companies can find it challenging to compete, digital marketing puts all companies within the same playing field. For example, when you utilize pay-per-click, you can set the budget you want to spend and only when a person clicks on your ads will you be charged.

what is digital marketing

Making Digital Marketing Work for You

Have a Clear Goal

The companies who are succeeding the most within the digital marketing realm are those who have a clear goal in mind. When you have a goal, you can better determine what type of platform you should use. Once you figure this out, you can then market to your audience with a clear goal in mind and better lead them through the sales funnel.

Define your Target Audience

Being able to directly reach the people who would be most interested in your business is one of the best benefits of digital marketing but it’s also important you understand who these people are. If you don’t have a target audience nailed down you face the problem of potentially marketing to those who wouldn’t be interested in your product or service. This is both a waste of time and a potential waste of money. Once you know your audience you can create your messaging to best nurture them.

Define Your Budget

Digital marketing is the cheapest form of advertising, but that doesn’t mean having a set marketing budget is any less important. Align your goals with how you see your company growing overtime – this will help you decide how much you need to spend monthly. Continually monitor this budget. This will allow you to determine if anything needs to updated, or whether it should be lowered or higher.

Did we answer the question, “What is digital marketing?” If not, contact Fat Guy Media, we can help you create the best digital marketing campaign for yourself.

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